I’m sure we all spend quite some time browsing through the cities we’d like to visit – and countries – when we start planning our vacation. And if you’re more of an urban beach kind of person, it can get really tough to come to any decision, I do know that.

But there’s no doubt that if you want to restrict it to the US (even if you’re a foreigner and feel like visiting), Miami and Los Angeles have crossed your minds. That’s when we can get a bit unsure: which of them should you go to first?

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Well, I’ve done some research and read some opinions on the web. So, I can say that you should go to Los Angeles first! That’s it, bro. That is probably the place you’ll want to see first. And I’ll now say why many tourists go to Los Angeles instead of Miami.

Let’s Start By “The Size”

Los Angeles is one of the most populated counties in the US. Well, and that’s not a coincidence. There are 88 cities in Los Angeles. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, among many others.

Beverly-Hills-1200x900 Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAnd of course, because of La La Land there has been quite a buzz around Los Angeles lately. But all the romance of the couple played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, LA is popularly known for being huge, as well as for its traffic jams, which can be chaotic.

Even though that is not the best piece of news ever, you’ll only get to know Los Angeles by car. Of course you can take a tourist shuttle bus. But that isn’t the best option, since, this way you’ll only get to know the city superficially. And, honestly, I like to really take in the culture of the place, rather than just popping over places. I’m not sure you agree with me but that’s how I feel.

Way Longer than Two Days

I have sometimes heard people say that 48 hours are enough to see LA. No way! Don’t buy that. After all, we’re talking about a big city here and that’ll demand time to explore its spots. For instance, you can’t miss the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame to look for the signature your favorite celebrities left there.

Dolby-Theatre-1 Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAnd it can get more fun. After all, between one step and another, you may bump into a celebrity’s double and, who knows, you could take a picture with them. That’s why you can’t go to Los Angeles and not visit a movie studio. That is, indeed, a must. Take this down.

Another great idea is going to the Doulby Theater and have the pleasure of watching the shooting of a TV show (it could be your favorite one, ever pictured that?).

Sun and Beach

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I’m sure you’ve heard of places like Beverly Hills, Melrose Place and Malibu. We’ve all seen these places in shows and movies. In fact, Malibu is part of one of the most admired ocean lines on Earth. And I’m not talking about the tourists only, but also about surfers and athletes.

What’s nice about the beaches in LA is that they are quite chill and joyous, very joyous. You can’t miss Santa Monica and Venice beach. How about renting a bike and riding it along the Pacific Ocean? I think it’s awesome!

Great Cuisine

Grand-Central-Public-Market Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAfter a long beach day, there’s nothing better than picking a nice restaurant and ordering the best meals the place has to offer, right? And the best thing about Los Angeles is that it offers great range of food.

That is because Los Angeles is the city with the largest number of immigrants in the US. So, think about it: the variety of food is just unbelievable in LA. Can I suggest something? Explore the Farmer’s Market or the Grand Central Public Market and find a great deal of tasty restaurants.

Plenty of Culture

Petersen-Museum-1200x628 Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comI have to say this one more time, man. I mean, Los Angeles just emanates culture. Here are some spots you can’t miss: LACMA, MOCA and Getty Center. There you can find Renoir’s, Monet’s and Picasso’s works.

Of course I won’t leave museums out. The Petersen Museum, for example, specialized in vintage cars, is a great option for those who are into high speeds. Now, the Museum of Natural History and the California Science are also on the list. It’s worth the visit to learn a bit about science and nature.

And if you’re into theme parks, run to Anaheim (40 minutes from LA) to see the first Disneyland ever conceived. Or, maybe, go for the most feared roller coasters of the world: The Six Flags Mountains.

The Night in California

Oh, dear friend. If you have enjoyed the day in Los Angeles, you just wait and see what the night holds (you can bet). The Universal CityWalk or the Downtown Disney are surely great choices.

Sunset-Boulevard-1200x800 Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAnother very nice place to enjoy is the Sunset Boulevard. You can listen to great quality music there. If you like concerts, keep an eye on the Hollywood Bowl (an outdoor amphitheater) schedule.

Definitely the Best!

So I guess now you understand why I picked LA, don’t you? The place combines urban and coast features magnificently well, in a way we can’t explain. You can dive into the magic of the films and unforgettable plots, have fun at the theme parks and enjoy the nightlife, good music and food all in the same place.

Not to mention the beach. Each of the wonderful spots invite you to enjoy the weather and the summer even more. Man, trust me on this one: go to Los Angeles and you’ll not regret. And in case you take this trip eventually, please, let me know what your thoughts are in terms of the city itself and my recommendations as well. Hasta la vista!

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