You are probably aware that men’s street style took over Instagram by storm. The street style that we used to see a couple years ago is no longer the same. What was once labeled as trashed style, is now more neat and polished, but not all of it.

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We have seen the Kanye West and other styles with way too many holes in their clothes, and if you don’t pay direct attention to the person, you may think that they are homeless. That trashed look is definitely not my style, and I will leave that for the #fuccbois.

These guys are not always bad, and Kanye in particular can show a very nice style or a bad one depending on his mood.

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What I like about men’s street style is that you can be creative and there are not many limitations to what you can create, different from the classic suit and tie, which is pretty much set to what it is.

But my fashion friends are never satisfied. So, what if you could blend the two together and get what is good from the classic and from the street and make a nice blend for perfection?

This is what I am seeing more and more these days and I am not just loving it but also using as an inspiration for my looks here at the blog.

Nothing here is “new”, it is just new forms of putting together an outfit. I will show you the basic pieces you need to buy to create that perfect blend.


common_projects_chelsea_boot_suede__tan___pre-order_ Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comFor sure my favorite shoe of the moment, the Chelsea boot, has become very popular and you can wear it with pretty much everything. A t-shirt, buttoned shirt and even a suit like Tom Ford did for his 2015 London show.

If you ask what my favorite two chelsea boots are, it is the Common Projects Tanned and the Saint Laurent. The YSL one is a little pricey but totally worth it.

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A good trick that I often see fashion guys on Instagram doing, is to kind of tuck in the jeans inside the boot to showcase it more. Don’t tuck everything in but leave the pants a little baggier and not so neat.

You will need slim fit jeans though, don’t try to tuck in a boot cut jeans (who would wear a boot cut anyway?)

Also I always go with the suede boot unless I am wearing a more elegant look like a suit.


Oh yes, the ripped jeans is all over the place now. You see some guys with clean and perfectly put jeans putting their scissors to work and creating a completely different style.

7fa2a033289c5857ec88e91e83222953 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comHaving a pair of ripped jeans is not a total must but it does give your style a cool detail. But surely you wont be seeing the blue washed jeans as often.

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Red Flag: How much “ripped” do you want? I tell you that not too much. You will fail miserably if you wear a total destroyed jeans. It is supposed to be only a detail, remember that.


david-beckham-airport-style-02 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comI always believed in details. If your outfit is just plain with no accessories, it looks like a tree without leaves.

When I think about the first time I saw a celeb wearing a jean chain, it automatically reminds me of when I started following Beckham’s style. He would wear his jean chain most of the times. It made his jeans look way cooler.

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Yes, I think having accessories is a must and it is a nice way to give your look some modern style, even if you are going out and wearing a blazer.

Adidas Stan Smith

Without a doubt, more than any other year, 2015 – 2016 was the year of the Adidas Stan Smith.

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It is hard to scroll down your Pinterest or Instagram feed without seen someone wearing one of these sneakers.

The reason why its so popular is because of one thing, simplicity. The Adidas Stan Smith is like a white painting frame which you can create thousands of variations with it, or just leave blank as it is.

Second of all, it is not a sneaker that you will be tired of or will feel bad to “repeat” in a second photo. In fact, the Stan Smith is what most famous IG fashion street style influencers use for the majority of their outfits.

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I have been looking to buy some more at this moment. My next buy is the Stan Smith Camo.


Remember when coats were only, or mostly, used to be worn over a suit or a dressy outfit? Not anymore. The coats are part of the street style too.

For you to wear a coat on your street style outfit, forget about fancy and go for the simple. I mean, straight cuts and not many pockets.

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IG: sandroisfree

I have seen nice coats lately with some kind of gradient color that looks pretty cool (like the one above). Shirts are pretty common as well, specially gradient denim shirts.

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Another thing that has changed a lot and men’s street style has adopted is the logo t-shirt. Street stylists have adhered to the logo t-shirt trend but not all of them make the cut.

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The Adidas logo is one of the most seen and surprisingly you can’t say the same for Nike shirts. Other brands that I have seen a lot are Balmain Paris and Calvin Klein.

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This year Balmain made it more affordable for their fans to buy their luxury t-shirt, priced at $185-$270, when they did the partnership with H&M a couple months ago. But not surprisingly, all items sold out in one day.


I know I did a whole article on the leather jacket but you can’t get enough. Like the other items I talked about here, the leather jacket never gets old.

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If you have the money to buy a nice leather jacket, do it. If you know how to choose the right one, it will probably be the only one of that color you will need for a long time.

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This is definitely a new form of street style. Some people will say that this is not the true street style, but guess what, fashion is a way to express yourself. Nowadays you can wear a suit with a sneaker or a t-shirt with a loafer and it is totally fine.

What is your favorite street style piece?

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