#MUSTHAVE Grooming Kit from Ursa Major

If there’s something Men like is to make everything easier. We need things fast and that get the job done right. We are totally different from women and we need to be true with ourselves and recognize we have a way easier life when talking about grooming. When traveling women usually carry a whole bag of products, make up, etc. We can’t do that right?

That’s why I recommend you to get one of the Ursa Major Travel Kit. Oh boy, You will be amazed about these products. The quality is amazing and is just EASY TO USE!  For your next traveling you will only need this and your toothbrush.

This kit is just right for your business trip or if you are going camping. The Ursa Major Travel Kit has everything you need and on the right size so you can even carry it in your backpack or hand bag.

#MUSTHAVE Grooming Kit from Ursa Major : Fashion Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.com

This is what comes inside:

Fantastic Face Wash (2 fl oz)
Stellar Shave Cream (2 fl oz)
Fortifying Face Balm (0.5 fl oz)
Essential Face Wipes (5 single wipes)
Topo Designs accessory bag in the exclusive UM camo/teal green style (9.5″ width x 7.5″ height)

The Sulfate Free Facial Foam Gel Cleanser removes oil and grime without been too harsh on your skin. You know when you spend the whole day traveling or sweating under the sun? This is what you need to get your face all clean again. And after that, You will need to put on the Fortifying Face Balm right away. The company wasn’t kidding when they said “fast-absorbing balm (or lotion)”. Seriously, When I say fast I mean a minute or two max. Before you leave the bathroom, you will be already looking “like new” again. Did I forget to mention about it been natural and with a light fresh smell? now you know.

This is one is my favorite in the kit. The Essential Face Wipes is so practical and you can use anywhere. Do not think this is a wet facial wipe like the ones you get from your airplane attended when you wake up in the morning. This provides real skincare benefits and does not leave your face looking shiny. It comes in small packages so I always have it with me! Always!

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What I also really loved about Ursa Major was their environment concern and their care to provide high quality products with natural ingredients. They never use any unhealthy chemicals on their products and the products are on average 98.5-100% natural, 59% organic.

Visit their website to learn more about their company http://www.ursamajorvt.com/

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