I had a great day in San Francisco. We took a whole day to find good spots to photograph and it was really fun. I even posted a video of my day on youtube. Take a look:

I personally loved this outfit and was really fun to wear. These type of coats are very trendy now and you can buy them in many colors. My favorites are navy, camel and dark green. (The dark green with this outfit would look super cool too)

marcos-de-andrade-4020This Navy coat is from Ben Sherman and I got the brown suede boot from Calvin Klein. Btw I got a great deal at these boots at Zappos.com (30% off).

These boots are very comfortable and the finish looks high quality. I have four colors of chelsea boots, and if I was you I would buy at least two colors of these because the price is very good.

If you noticed the details, I am wearing the Marcos de Andrade Jewelry. I have the silver collection on including the Corinthian Helmet Cuff, the Athena Noctua Ring and the Axe Necklace.

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