We are just starting 2018 and technology is running faster than ever. I am glad to see new tech helping us on our fitness journey. I am also seeing some cool modern styles of bags, clothing, and accessories for us to look good in the gym.

I don’t know about you but I like to look good in the gym. Gym style is something that I always see guys neglecting.

The gym is one of the places where your outfit will stand out more. “Why?” For the simple reason that most people think that you don’t need to look good since you will be sweating a lot and working your ass off. That’s totally wrong (especially if you are single).

Since most people won’t care about their gym outfit anyway, it’s a good idea if you do. That guy or girl will definitely notice you more and, you might end up getting a date night.

what-to-wear-to-gym-gosling-2 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comMake a Good Impression –  It’s true, most girls won’t want you to talk to them when they are at the gym (The big overhead phones actually mean something). BUT, still! The gym is also a place for first impressions.

For example, If you see a guy wearing PJ’s or jeans pants in the gym, you can kind of tell that they don’t care much how they look. Got it?

NO MONEY? – Money is also not an excuse unless you are totally broke! Nowadays you can visit stores, for example, in the US, where you can buy cheap gym clothing in stores like at Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, and many other online websites like Zara or Asos, which have cheap items as low as $5-7 a piece.

Now that you understand why you should invest in your fitness gear, let’s look at what you should have in your gym bag.

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit – Footaction.com

store-fa Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

There’s no better way to start packing your gym bag than adding very fresh sneakers.

Truth be told, you don’t want to look like everybody else so you need to find some cool and different sneakers.

I am glad I found the Footaction website. They are very well known for carrying rare and hard to find sneakers that you don’t find so easily in other stores.

A big plus about their online store is that, since all of their products are premium selects, you will easily find the best edited selection of athletic lifestyle brands and looks.

vapormax Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comI got myself the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit, which I was looking for quite some time. This sneaker is one of the best to buy right and definitely one with the coolest style in the Nike air category.

footaction-marcos-de-andrade Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThe Air VaporMax is very light and it’s the most flexible version of Max Air to date.


TappLock One

When I first saw this smart fingerprint padlock I fell in love with it. Plus, I needed to get one. Mostly for when I am at the gym.

tapplock-02 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

I personally don’t like to be carrying stuff around so I always use a locker.

I used to leave my stuff in the locker without any locks but after I heard my friend got his car keys and car robbed I started to be more cautious.

tapplock-fingerprint-id-padlock-for-bicycle-locks1 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

You can call me lazy but when you are at the gym, finish a heavy workout, the last thing you want is to be flipping your lock and trying to remember your code.

For me the TappLock is very efficient and, according to this gadget description, it takes 0.8 seconds to unlock using your fingerprint. It also can store up to 500 fingerprints.

img_1323_facetune_19-01-2018-17-23-59 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

You can unlock the Tapplock using three methods: “Fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking using your phone, and backup Morse-Code unlocking by pressing long / short combinations on the power button.”

Besides the unbreakable design (made with Zamak 3 zinc alloy metal body), one of the best features of this gadget is that you can share & control access remotely to unlimited users using your phone and 2 hours of charge will last for 3.500 unlocks. Sweet Uh?!


Apple Airpods

mw-ev606_airpod_20160909073501_zh Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

If you believed in this product when it first came, out props to you because I and most of the people didn’t lol.

In the beginning, everyone was bashing this earphone but now I see a lot of people wearing it everywhere.

I have been using it, mostly to workout, and I love it. I would say more than I expected to. It is not perfect though.

img_0618 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comIt has a clear sound (for what it is) and it is so light that you don’t even feel like you are wearing anything. The fact it looks like an ear swab doesn’t throw me off as much as the fact that you can’t change songs or turn volume up/down by touch on the pods.

But with all the cons I still think it is a great buy and I would definitely buy it again. I wouldn’t change this one for an over the ear headphone (to workout).


Fit Pack 2

fp2_black_lifestyle_7 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

The Fit Pack 2 was designed for those who are always on the go and don’t have time for that quick stop at home before going to the gym after work.

11002_fp2_black_gear Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comIt is a very convenient and versatile backpack that lets you pack your office and gym gear all in one place.

Its minimalistic style features a top pocket for you to store your work essentials, including a padded laptop slot, a larger main compartment for spacious storage and one bottom pocket with ventilation for your gym sneakers.

The big plus about this backpack is that it stores your belongings separately in three different sections without the bulky look. You will carry just what you need, plus it can be an incentive so you can go straight to the gym and not be lazy at home.


Star Wars Gym Kettlebell

starwars-facebook-kettlebells Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

If you are a fan of Star Wars now you will have another reason to go lift some weights and maybe do some shoulder press using Darth Vader’s head.

Thanks to the fitness studio Onnit, now you can. The whole selection includes kettlebells in the shape of the heads of Boba Fett, weighing in at 50lbs, a stormtrooper, weighing in at 60lbs, and of course, Darth Vader, coming in at 70lbs.

death-star-slam-ball Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThey also have the DEATH STAR™ SLAM BALL and the HAN SOLO YOGA MAT so you can work out in style.


FoundMi – Bluetooth Tracker

22639124_183267142222156_6929860402733907968_n Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

Are you just like me and you keep forgetting your keys or something every time?

It is such a nightmare to lose your keys in the gym. Most of the times I leave them on the cardio machine or the lift machines bottle holder. But then if I forget where I put them, you have to go through all of them, trying to figure out where the hell they are at.

The Foundmi tracker helps you locate your belongings when you can’t find them. “Yeah, yeah, I have seen some other similar ones”… Yes you probably have but I am pretty sure they were boring looking at and weren’t as cool as these.

24125148_434382070297589_7358946374546620416_n Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comYou can use the Foundmi Bluetooth trackers to reverse track your phone, or to find keys, tablet, wallet or whatever else you decide to attach them to using your phone. It also has full integration with Alexa (e.g. “Alexa, find Captain America.”) and you can use it as a Remote shutter button for your phone’s camera.

Foundmi has a large variety of comic characters that you can choose from. My favorite is the Batman one. Which one is yours?


Garmin Fenix 5

fenix_5_series_2-1 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

If you want to take your fitness routines seriously, you need to start stepping up your gear game.

The Garmin Fenix 5 is up there on the top watches you should consider buying this year. It comes in different colors (Black, Silver, Rose Gold Tone, Turquoise) and different sizes, which is a very good thing.

This is a great watch for everyone into sports and outdoor activities. Within its features you will find: Elevate™ wrist heart rate, Preloaded activity profiles, GPS and GLONASS satellite reception, Swim Profiles, Skiing, Paddle Sports, Golf and more.

A lot of smart active watches can look too big on your wrist and make you look like a “Marine special forces” guy. You definitely don’t want that look everywhere you go.

There’s where the Fenix 5 case size options come in handy. I would probably always go with the 42mm size, but if you want something more extravagant, you can choose to up to 51mm.

Yes the price at $599 can be a little steep but you are getting all things fitness tracking into your wrist with extra features like Uber tracking, receive texts and even drop a pin to locate your car in the airport.


NIKE Slim-Fit Sweatpants

892553_mrp_in_xl Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.comIt is the time for you to bash the long shorts/board shorts that you have been wearing to workout and start adding some cool pieces like the sweatpants.

The trick about choosing the right sweatpants is to go with slim fit over regular fit. If you worry about showing too much of your “curves”, then do like I do and buy those with thick fabric.

I also only wear the sweatpants with ribbed cuffs. The opened leg ones make you look too squared (Just like regular fit jackets).


Retro Clothing

pietro-boselli-0117-gq-fafi08-01 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

Wearing retro clothing pieces is a great way to add some fun to your fitness outfit. Add some bright colors with different shapes but forget about big logos.

This green one above is from FourLaps and they have a cool range of styles you can choose from. Most of their shirts are Odor-resistant and will keep you cool and dry.

See these other ideas for you to build your gym wardrobe:

350 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

High Socks

21819909_441941652873514_6443745129315434496_n-1 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

Last but not least, I’ve been enjoying the high socks styles for the gym. It is a cool detail that you can switch up so you are not always sockless (wearing no-show socks).

You can find some cool designer socks on Mr. Porter, Farfetch and other websites on sale for under $30. I will add my favorites below.

But if it’s not within your budget, you can buy affordable ones for $15 dollars (for a 3-pair pack).

350 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com


I hope you like these ideas. I don’t like to overbuy things but I think you will appreciate knowing about these items like I do.

But do tell me, which one is your favorite on this list?

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