I am shoe lover myself and I never seem to stop getting new pairs. Seriously, I am addicted to shoes and I can’t get enough.

As a matter effect, I like to know all news about new sneakers and I bet you do too. So I decided to start a new section here on the blog called “WhatsKicking” to show you every month what are the last trends on men’s sneakers.

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Louis Vuitton Fastlane Sneaker

louis-vuitton-fastlane-sneaker-desempacados-1160x745 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.com
source: Louis Vuitton

This is some unexpected good news. It is not a surprise for us here at the blog that higher end brands are betting all their coins on sneakers for at least a year.

Valentino was one of the most popular designers to start, and succeed in his goal, to create a perfect runner like the Camouflage Rockrunner for example.

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Buy at Nordstrom

Many are saying that the Louis Vuitton Fastlane sneaker look a little too similar to the Nike Roshe One; ring a bell?

We can’t deny that it looks stunning though. The Fastlane comes with a hi-tech upper in mesh, Damier-embossed rubber and suede calf leather with an elegant, streamlined design.

It is the perfect runner sneaker style but I bet you won’t take this $789 for a run. Available at the Louis Vuitton store.

Adidas Stan Smith New Colors

adidas-tonal-stan-smiths-02 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThe Adidas Stan Smith is not a new sneaker but every time a new color is released, it feels like it is it’s the first launch.

I do own one of them and it is one of my favorites. The minimalist look of it makes it easy to pair with almost any type of clothe from a street wear to a casual suit.

Adidas launched an all white version of the Stan Smith on leather and three other colors; Red, onix and indigo, in a suede texture.

350 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

NIKE AIR FORCE 1 Low ( Blue Pivot )

The Nike Air Force 1’s are one of the most iconic classic Nike sneakers; and one of the most profitable line from the brand as well.


Launched in 1982 this sneaker was named after Air Force One-the aircraft that carries the U.S. President. It was one of the top rising sneaker style in the hip-hop culture back then, and still carries that vibe while staying true to American roots.

The new version of the Air Force 1, the Blue Pivot pack ,was launched in mid Dec. and features American colors signature like the blue royal color with the American stars stamped on the tongue and the heel.

The white lines and the white Air logo on the side bottom just boost the stunning look of this sneaker and make it color pop to the eyes.

There are also a white and red version and you can find all of them at the Nike online store.

350 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

adidas Superstar Suede “Solid Grey”

adidas-superstar-suede-solid-grey-1 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comsoucer: Hypebeast.com

Another classic that keeps reinventing itself and been a desirable shoe for decades. The latest Adidas Superstar sneaker comes in a grey suede and white colors with logo details in gold; stamped on the side and on the tongue.

The main feature of the Adidas Superstar remains the shell toe, that is very unique for this kind of sneaker. You can find it at the Adidas online store priced at US$90 dollars.

New Balance MRL996KP

I am in total love with this all black sneaker version of the New Balance MRL996KP. What I like most about this new version is that it is not all complete dark black but instead, it has different shades of black, to give a highlight where it needs most. You can find it at New balance retailers like Titolo and Afew for US$140.00.

Filling Pieces Low Top Elastic “Black” and “White”

Filling pieces has been a go-to for most fashionistas to find handcrafted, luxury street style sneakers lately. And looking at the New balance MRL996KP and this new Filling pieces sneaker, I can say without a doubt that the all black sneaker is the new cool.

filling-pieces-low-top-elastic_1010x800c Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThe “Low Top Elastic” is made with a soft leather and defined by a wide elasticated straps that run across the upper. Right now it is on retail priced at US$240 and you can find it at the MrPorter store.


Make sure to follow the latest latest releases from the world top sneaker brands. What is your favorite from this list?

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