Fashion month is upon us again, and as the crazy fashion carnival travels the globe we are treated to a sneak peek of the styles and trends everyone will be coveting in 6 months time.

If you don’t already know the scale of New York Fashion Week then you may be surprised to know that the event attracts 100,000 people and generates $880 million in revenue for New York City.

With menswear, more so than women’s wear, the trends that emerge from the catwalk shows have a relatively season-less feel, meaning that they’re much easier to adopt and incorporate into your wardrobe right now.Look at the shapes, the styles, and discover the new pieces you love and get ahead of the curve by investing now.

New York Fashion Week is undisputedly one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar, and if a new trend or style is shown in New York then it’s likely to be filtered down, picked up by the big manufacturers, and in every department store in America by next season. So what are those big trends? And what pieces from New York should you be integrating into your wardrobe right now? Here are some of the latest trends to emerge from New York Fashion Week that you need to know about:

Embracing Americana

When it comes to the menswear shows, Coach 1941 are always one to watch. They offer a youthful, modern and achingly cool take on menswear that is simultaneously accessible and fashion-forward.
These are looks reminiscent of Jim Morrison in his heydey: an achingly cool and effortless look that is surprisingly easy to replicate. The main take home trend from the Coach 1941 Spring 2018 collection was a renewed commitment to embracing all things old-school Americana.

That beloved old Hawaiian shirt that you’ve had buried at the back of your closet? It’s time to wear it with pride and enjoy your newfound fashion credentials. Other iconic pieces of American culture that shared the limelight included the leather jacket and the varsity jacket: these pieces also took centre stage at the Marc Jacobs runway show, meaning that we can be sure that the varsity jacket will be a ‘must have’ piece next season.

The Coach 1941 collection also embraced art, with the iconic work of Keith Haring featured on several of the pieces, most notably the leather and suede jackets that are sure to sell out as soon as they are retailed.

Want to get a head start on this modern Americana trend? Then why not invest in a high end varsity jacket? Here are some of our favourite pieces that you can by now and continue to wear next season, minimising your cost per wear whilst upping your fashion credentials:

Preppy and Peppy

If you have a passion for formal wear, or regularly need to wear business wear to the office then the Spring 2018 men’s collection from Ralph Lauren is one to pay attention to. Whilst the changes in suiting trends are always very subtle, this iconic show showcased the new ways to wear your suit with style and panache.

For the first time, Ralph Lauren showcased both his menswear and women’s wear collections at the same time, and the menswear offering really held its own against the inherently more glamorous women’s wear. This historically preppy brand focused on tailoring as an important trend for men, with double breasted suits in shades of black and navy blue dominating the collection, sitting alongside more fun and frivolous check and hounds tooth versions.

The streamlined looks had a very millennial feel, as did the trend of coordinating both your suit, shirt and tie, which was last seen on the catwalk in the noughties.

We love the concept of abandoning the shirt altogether and instead replacing it with a coordinating roll neck sweater: whilst this was the Spring line from Ralph Lauren, this particular trend felt very relateable to the current cold weather, and is a quick fix trend that you could introduce into your wardrobe right now.

The Ralph Lauren show is always one of our favourites, largely because it is always so accessible. This season in particular the show had an ‘Everyman’ feel that meant that it’s trends could be adapted and incorporated into any wardrobe, regardless of your existing sense of style, your career or your lifestyle.

Star Statement Sneakers 

For those most dedicated followers of fashion, what the bloggers, buyers and fashionistas are wearing off the catwalk is almost as important as what the models are wearing on the catwalk. Street style is big business, so the savviest brands and fashionistas are paying attention to what is going on outside the tents. Street style is fun, fresh, exciting, and the trends are often much easier to adopt than their high end counterparts.

The biggest and most immediately noticeable street style trend to emerge from fashion week this season is the rise of the sneaker: both men and women are leaving their leather shoes in their closets and wearing their sneakers for all occasions. These aren’t ordinary sneakers or running shoes: these are vibrant, statement-making shoes designed to attract attention.

The best thing about this trend is that it’s comfortable, affordable, and easy for almost anyone to adopt! Here are some of our favourite new season sneakers, so that you can take this simple look and make it your own:

The fact is that sneakers aren’t going anywhere. The global athletic footwear market has recently been estimated to be worth $75.2 billion. We’re seeing more footwear brands collaborating with high fashion designers in order to showcase their newest designs on the runway, and this is leading to a re-evaluation of the way we wear our sneakers. The fact that they are so prevalent around the tents of Bryant Park proves that you can now wear your favourite sneakers almost anywhere!

The New Neutrals

When it comes to accessible catwalk shows at accessible price points, no one does it better than Michael Kors. This season he limited the palette of his menswear collection entirely to neutrals: a key trend across the board for next Spring that would be easy to adopt right now.

The collection had an urban beachy attitude (the official theme of the show) that was translated into a menswear collection consisting of loose and free- flowing trenchcoats, roomy shorts perfect for lazing on the sand (perhaps not the best trend to try this winter), and boxy blazers.

Incorporate this trend into your wardrobe by investing in neutrals that flatter your skin tone: crisp white will look perfect against darker or olive skin, whilst warmer creams and beige’s are best if you have a pale skin tone. Shades of dove and darker grey were also shown for a more accessible look.

The menswear segment of the show ending with a head-turning double-breasted white tonal suit. Adapt slightly by choosing a winter white, and you would have the perfect suit for all of your seasonal Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.

If a winter white suit is too much of a style statement for you then why not try incorporating some elements of this ‘new neutral’ trend into your accessories? Think white belts neatly buckled with your favourite suit, soft beige suede loafers, or even a buttery soft pale blue leather jacket? The great thing about this trend is that you can decide how little or much of it you’d like to adopt; how far you want to go.


New York Fashion Week is a great barometer against which to judge the menswear fashion trends that will emerge over the next six months. You can see which colours will be hot (or not) and new shapes and overarching trends will emerge.

If you’re looking to inject some excitement into your wardrobe and give yourself a style update then why not look ahead to the trends you love most from next season and make the financial investment now? This will give you at least two seasons to wear your new pieces, increasing your cost per wear, and considerably improving your fashion credentials. It really is a win-win situation!

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