I want to start this blog by saying that most men don’t know the power of a shoe. A Shoe has the power of destroying a nice look and of making a simple outfit look luxurious; that’s how powerful it is. If you are at work or walking into a mall, any one who understands about style will know if you are a true gentleman or not. This means you need to take really good care of your shoes, know how to pair it with your outfit and choose good quality shoes. That’s when Paul Evans NY can help you out.

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Everyone knows that Italian shoes are the best in the market because of their attention to the quality and the way they choose the best materials to make them. Knowing that , the makers of Paul Evans NY packed their bags and flew into Italy to find the best way to produce their finest shoe designs. One thing they had in mind was to create high quality shoes but without the high price tags of big corporations. So they basically did all the hard work for you so you can have professionally designed, high quality and affordable shoes.

[pull_quote_center]Below I chose my three favorite ones from their selection:[/pull_quote_center]

1) The Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford

2) The Newman Chukka Boot

3) The Poitier Double Monk Strap

paul-evan-ny Fashion Footwear Sponsored  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThey chose to have their shoes made in Naples, Italy at a hand-picked factory that knows how to make the finest shoe in the market. This shoe factory uses the same high quality calfskin leather used by big luxurious corporations which you would pay thousands for. That quality is noticeable when you feel the material and leather of the shoe.  I can tell you because I own some expensive ones and I know what they feel like. It opened my mind to the fact that sometimes we don’t realize that you pay some outrageous money for a pair of shoe that Paul Evans could deliver to you for the same or better quality and at less for half of the price. If you know a little bit about business and manufacturing of goods you know that it can be a very difficult task to do. Many times lower price means lower quality but not in this case because I can guarantee that Paul Evans nailed all aspects of producing this shoe. At least for me, I pay a lot of attention to details and to the quality of a product, may it be clothing, shoe or an accessory. I would rather pay a little more for high quality but I can tell you that it feel good to find a shoe brand that cares about my wallet as well. Give it a try and I am sure you will like it.


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Question: What is the worst mistake men can do about shoes?

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