Let’s be honest, if you are a guy/girl who buys all organic foods, and you try to live a healthy lifestyle, the new Pepsi True may be your dream becoming reality; or not.

After a lot of criticism on soda beverages along the years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi started working on a more efficient product with less calories and with no corn syrup added, which is one of the most criticized added ingredients in sodas, together with high fructose. Pepsi true is partially naturally sweetened with stevia and sugar. Stevia has been used as a naturally sweetener for quite sometime now. Stevia is very popular because it has 0 calories but the reason not everyone likes it, it’s because it has a bitter after taste that, for some people, it takes out the food’s flavor.

If you paid closed attention, Pepsi True is just partially sweetened with the natural sweetener. It has a mix of Stevia and Sugar which is the reason it is still “not there yet”. Pepsi is trying to hide the presence of the sugar in it’s new product by focusing on the less calories fact. This new soda supposedly has 30% less calories ( 60 calories in a 7.5 oz can ) than the original pepsi soda.

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Source Amazon.com: 16 gr of sugar, but how much is simple sugar and how much of stevia added?

Pepsi is doing a safe move though. The giant manufacturer will only start selling the “natural soda” on the E-Commerce Amazon.com. That will make it easier for them to stop selling the product if buyers don’t “dig it” or move to market places if it becomes a success.

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Pepsi-true Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com


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