How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style – #StealTheLook

Nick Jonas is a man of many talents: singer, songwriter, producer, actor and self-styled fashionista.

As the youngest of the Jonas brothers, Nick Jonas grew up in the public eye. He began performing on the theatre stage when he was just seven years old, and released his first album (alongside his brothers as a band imaginatively entitled The Jonas Brothers) at the age of ten.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comCritical acclaim followed, alongside films based about the band and their own series of shows on The Disney Channel.

In October 2013 the Jonas Brothers split up, but rather than disappear into obscurity, Nick Jonas’ career has only gone from strength to strength: this is attributed both to his song writing ability, his chameleon-like ability to change his musical style to match current tastes, and his now infamous sense of style.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe pre-teen girls that worshipped him in his youth have grown up alongside him, and now aged 24, Nick Jonas is the face of the ever-changing millennial who is using his talents to ensure he can have it all.

Tracing Nick Jonas’ Style Influences

Nick Jonas is a man that takes his style very seriously: he looks constantly dapper, and favours a single breasted, double buttoned jacket for almost every occasion.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhether paired with black skinny jeans and a simple black tee or matching cigarette trousers and a slim-fitting button up shirt for more formal events, Nick Jonas is never far from a statement blazer.

When not wearing a blazer, Jonas is sporting a leather or bomber jacket: this is a man that loves outerwear, whatever the weather, and his main style statement seems to be to let his jacket do all the talking, opting to team it with good quality basic pieces that will go with everything. There are hundreds of websites and tumblrs updated daily and dedicated to dressing like this style icon, but where does he take his own style influences from?

When discussing his sense of style at a Topman dinner last year, Jonas chose modern-day gents including Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Daniel Craig as the men whose style he most admires, but the most surprising influence on his style is 1970s rock n roll crooner Elvis Costello. Speaking of Costello enthusiastically he said:

“From the minute I saw the way he took classic tailoring and made it fun and his own, I thought it was amazing.”

Earlier this year he hosted the Fashion Los Angeles Awards  alongside Kim Kardashian, cementing his reputation as a true American style icon and giving him a well-deserved place alongside the fashion A list.

The Importance of Accessories to Recreating the Nick Jonas Look

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comIt would be impossible to recreate the statement Nick Jonas look without having access to the right accessories. When wearing his trademark jackets, for example, the star often adds a coordinating pocket square to his top pocket and he isn’t afraid to experiment with several different jewellery styles either.

Jewellery is essential for elevating an outfit: it makes you look strong and well put together. Nick is rarely photographed without a watch on his wrist: he favours a versatile leather strap and silver face, so that he can change-up his watch to match every outfit.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion |

Many men feel that wearing jewellery makes them look feminine, but in reality the opposite is true: the right jewellery and accessories can add a masculine edge to your look. Choose a chunky ring with minimal detailing, and if you’re looking for bracelets and necklaces then styles that combine metal with leather are a favourite of Nick Jonas and very on trend right now.

Finally, it would be impossible to talk about Nick Jonas’ love of accessories without talking about his passion for sunglasses.

Nick favours aviators and other oversized dark shades with thin rims: Ray Bans make a great version but if you’re on a budget then the good news is you can find good quality versions of these in almost every department store in America. Add a pair to every outfit (whatever the weather) for instant cool.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion |

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion |

His accessories are an integral part of his style, and choosing new accessories is one of the easiest ways to recreate the Nick Jonas look. When asked to describe his style Nick said that:

“I like classic elements but with bolder statements…Your clothing and approach to fashion are the visual statements you make as a performer or a songwriter.”

Choosing Casual Wear, The Nick Jonas Way!

Even the most dapper man in the world deserves some down time, but even when he is enjoying a day off Nick Jonas sports casual style to covet. So what lessons can we learn from wearing casual wear the Nick Jonas way? Here are some of his top tips:

Don’t be Afraid of Color: Some men are reluctant to wear bold color and think that dressing head to toe in black or grey is the best way to look fashionable without any effort.This is not true of Nick Jonas, who has an excellent eye for color, and doesn’t shy away from wearing it for every occasion.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comHe favors muted and classic shades which suit his dark colouring: Denim is a firm favorite (he is never far away from his trusted chambray shirt), and adding a vibrant suede jacket is a great way to inject some warming color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Choose the Right Sneakers: In February Nick released his own range of sneakers with LA-based brand Creative Recreation. The six pairs of casual shoes perfectly reflect his own sense of off-duty style: they are classic and simple, but their style is elevated by interesting details and pops of color.

From the clean, crisp and minimalist style of the white trainers which Jonas would wear as day wear to the black leather kicks with a creeper-style sole perfect for pairing with black skinny jeans for more formal occasions, the collection reflects his own attitude to footwear. Every piece would fit perfectly into his wardrobe, making choosing a pair of Nick Jonas Creative Recreation sneakers the ideal accessory to recreate his style.

Talk to the Tee: Like so many musicians of his generation, Jonas favours slogan T shirts both when on stage and as an integral part of his casual wardrobe. These tees are invariably black or grey and feature images from pop art or the album sleeves of his favourite bands.

The slogan tee is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe: team with your favourite skinny jeans for no-nonsense style or elevate your look by pairing it with a simple blazer and scarf. The best thing about the slogan tee is that it’s affordable and easy to wear: you can buy these t shirts everywhere and adapt the style to suit your own tastes. Tees that nod to your favourite movies, bands or pop culture references are a great place to start.

Statement Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comIf you want to inject some of Nick Jonas’ laid back but dapper and fashion-forward style into your own wardrobe then you don’t need to recreate his outfits from head to toe. Simply choose one or two key pieces to inject new life into your existing wardrobe.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comOne of the most important pieces to add to your wardrobe to recreate so many of Nick’s looks is a statement jacket. You can choose whatever style and shape best suits your personal style and your body type, just ensure that the jacket is the boldest piece in your outfit and let it do all the talking.

Some jacket inspiration:

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion |

Prefer something a little more timeless, and less floral whilst still having that Nick Jonas edge? Then why not invest in a well-fitting leather jacket. According to Nick Jonas himself, it’s the one wardrobe staple that he simply can’t live without:

“A classic black leather jacket. Mine is Margiela and I take it everywhere I go. If it’s a two-day trip or a two-month trip, it’s with me.”

If you can afford Margiela leather tailoring (and who can?) then look to brands such as ASOS that specialise in creating fashion-forward styles at affordable prices.

How to Recreate Nick Jonas’ Style - #StealTheLook : Fashion |

When choosing a leather jacket to last a lifetime, pick the best quality leather you can afford and avoid faux-leather if possible, as it doesn’t age well and will leave you feeling hot and uncomfortable during the summer months because it simply doesn’t breathe in the same way that leather does.


Nick Jonas is style savvy: a versatile chameleon who isn’t afraid to adapt his tastes to suit current trends.

This is a man who knows what suits him, and what to wear to attract the right kind of attention. Simultaneously fussy and no-nonsense, the Nick Jonas style is easy to replicate and can be adapted to suit almost every-man.

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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