Slate&Stone Dark Blue Suit, Turtleneck and Sneakers


IMG_0954 Look of the Day  | http://www.royalfashionist.comIf you thought all suits were the same, you are wrong. You can create different outfits with a suit.

For example, I am wearing this suit from Slate&Stone and it is perfect for a more casual day look. It has a soft fabric and feels very comfortable. I paired it with a wool turtleneck sweater because it was cold in Berlin that day.

Also, I suggest if you want to wear it with a sneaker I would go with white ones. I even tried to wear this outfit with a blue sneaker but it didn’t look good. What do you think about this outfit?


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IMG_0957 Look of the Day  | Marcos-de-Andrade-5645 Look of the Day  | http://www.royalfashionist.comIMG_0967 Look of the Day  |

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