Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now!

Technology has helped the human race to achieve many incredible things. The latest achievement of new innovation is ultimate convenience in our homes.

Do you sometimes return home from a hard day at work, or a long work out at the gym, and have no energy to get off the sofa and turn on the light switch, let alone keep your house clean? Then you’ll be pleased to know there is a host of new technology designed specifically to help!

Here are six of the newest and most innovative home tech gadgets that every house-proud guy should own right now:

Amazon Echo

If you haven’t already got an Amazon Echo then it’s time to get one: The Echo has sold more than 15 million units and accounts for 75% of the market in connected home speakers. (the other 25% of the market share belongs to the Google Home device).

It might look like a glorified tube of Pringles, but the Echo offers you your own personal assistant (Say hello to Alexa) who can be configured to help you do almost anything. Want to check your bank account? Order takeout food? Listen to music and check the weather at the same time? With the Echo, you can!

Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe Amazon Echo works using speech recognition technology and can be cleverly configured to add value to almost every aspect of your home life: with the help of Alexa, you’ll never miss an appointment again! You can even change other techs within your home (such as your light switches) so that Alexa can operate these remotely: it’s a real game-changer.

If you take the time to sync your device to your phone and ensure that it has a wealth of trusted apps included on it then you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. That may well mean that the set up is time-consuming, but it’s worthwhile when you consider the time you’ll save in the long run.

Apple, usually the innovators in this kind of new technology, have released their own version of the Echo (called the HomePod) which has been on the market for a relatively short period of time, but experts from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) believe that Amazon is the best device to invest in and will maintain its market lead.

Michael Levin of CIRP believes that this is a market that Amazon will dominate:”Amazon and Google have what amounts to a significant head start in a market where we think there’s room for only one home operating system”

One thing’s for sure: one you have introduced the concept of a personal virtual assistant to your living space, you’ll never go back to living without one ever again!

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Love having a clean home but hate having to push the vacuum cleaner around every day? Then what you need is one of the newest robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. They’ll do all the work for you, whilst you get to sit on the sofa with your feet up and watch it go!

One of the best models available right now is the Neato Robotics Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum. This vacuum may look small (meaning that it won’t take up too much space) but it is mighty.Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized |

So what are the main features of the Neato that makes it so appealing? Here are just some of the things that make us love it so much:

  • Its Maximum Hair Pickup feature makes it perfect if you have a pet. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is the cat, dog, or human: the Neato will pick up more pet hair than any other robot vacuum on the market.
  • The bot features its patented Neato Technology-LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation system. This will scan the room to detect objects and then map the room to make a plan of how to methodically clean it most efficiently.
  • The Neato is incredibly powerful, making use of SpinFlowTM Power Clean-SpinFlow technology to ensure both potent suction and precision brushing.
  • No area of your floor will be left uncleaned! The Neato has patented a D-Shape with CornerClever technology which enables it to get everywhere the dirt may hide. That includes along the wall, in hidden corners, and under the sofa!

There’s no denying that the  Neato Robotics Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum is pricey (with average prices in excess of $350, depending on the vendor you choose) but what price can you put on having a clean and tidy house with minimal effort? Plus it’s definitely cheaper than hiring a cleaner. Worth every penny!

Samsung Smart Home Camera

Are you security-conscious, want to keep an eye on what’s going on at home when you’re not there, or simply like the idea of recording your living room at night to look out for paranormal activity? Then you need a smart home security camera.

Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe Samsung Smart Home Camera is one of the very best on the market and is fully loaded with fun features. These include:

  • Motion detection, meaning that the camera will kick in and start recording as soon as it detects motion in the room (no need to waste time or effort programming it, or guessing when you might need it to work!)
  • Night vision of up to 50 feet, meaning your home will still be safe and protected when the lights are off.
  • When it comes to smart cameras for the home, the Samsung models really are the best in the business. With its simple wifi set up and an intuitive app that can be used for both Android or iOS you will be ready to use your camera in seconds.
  • If quality and attention to detail are important to you then you’ll be pleased to know that the SmartCam HD Pro Wi-Fi® camera provides up to 1080p Full HD streaming video to your computer/laptop and up to 720p on your mobile device. The large 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor allows maximum light, yielding vivid colors, brighter video, and stunning detail.
  • Finally, the camera has enhanced two-way talk functionality, meaning that you can hear what’s going on around the camera as well as talk back through it using your phone, no matter where you are. What better way to tell your roommate to get out of the fridge and leave your yogurt alone!?

Elgato Eve Energy

This nifty little piece of kit from Apple is one of the very best ways to begin using automation around your home, and at just $49.99 per device, the Elgato Eve Energy is one of the cheapest products on our list too.

Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized | https://www.royalfashionist.comSo what, exactly, is it and how does it work? Eve is a smartly automated socket adaptor, also known as a smart power switch. Simply plug the device into your existing wall socket, and then you can plug almost any appliance you please into the switch.

The possibilities here are endless. You could plug in a lamp, fan, kettle, or any other electrical device that can be turned on or off using just one switch.

In order to operate the switch you simply need to download the Eve app to your smart phone (this particular model only works on the iOS operating system) then you can use this app to turn the attached electrical device either on or off remotely, no matter where you are. You could even programme Siri to do all the hard work for you so that you don’t even have to touch your phone to flick those switches.

From a practical point of view, this means that you never have to arrive home to a house that is cold and dark ever again!

In addition, the Elgato Eve Energy device can also calculate the cost of the switch’s energy usage, helping you to manage your consumption and keep track of your electricity bills.

Finally, Eve is also HomeKit enabled, meaning that you can take advantage of Apple’s revolutionary HomeKit technology when you use this device.

The only problem we can think of with the Elgato Eve Energy device is that owning one simply won’t be enough! You’ll soon have the device attached to every switch in your home, completely revolutionizing how you view, and use, the electrical devices in your home!

Nest Learning Thermostat

It’s a battle as old as time: you turn the thermostat down, and then your wife or girlfriend turns the thermostat back up again. The temperature on the thermostat is one of the biggest bones of contention in modern relationships: this is only made worse by coming back to a cold empty house, and then turning the thermostat up too high to overcompensate.

Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized | https://www.royalfashionist.comLuckily the Nest Smart Thermostat has the perfect solution to solve this problem. It can either be wall mounted or placed on a portable stand, and it comes in a range of anodized aluminum finishes, meaning you can choose a sleek shade and design to match your home.

Aside from looking good though, you may be wondering what exactly the Nest Learning Thermostat does. Well, the concept is actually surprisingly simple. The thermostat talks wirelessly to your boiler and can control radiators and water heating. And you don’t even have to be in the house to operate it!

If the sensor realizes you have left the house it switches to Away mode, to save energy.But if the thought of returning to a cold house fills you with dread then you can also use the app to turn the thermostat back up when you’re on your way home.

One of the main attractions of the Nest Learning Thermostat is that it can help you to save energy (and therefore money). The system will encourage you to turn the heating down when the room seems too hot and will also email you an energy summary each month.

The system works on both an Android or iOS operating system, meaning it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you’re running, you can still download the app and run the device. It’s important to note that the Nest Thermostat doesn’t work with every kind of heating system, but a quick glance at their website will show if it’s going to work for you.

If you can run the Nest Thermostat system then it is well worth the investment: you’ll never have to argue with your roommates or significant other about the temperature again, and you’ll never have to return home to a cold house during the long winter months either.

Furbo Dog Camera

The final gadget on the list is perfect for dog owners with busy lives, who want to make sure their four-legged friend is happy, healthy and comfortable. The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to talk to your dog, watch him as he sleeps and plays, and even toss him treats no matter where you are.

Smart Home Tech Gadgets You Need in Your House Now! : Lifestyle Uncategorized | https://www.royalfashionist.comWe’re not saying that you should leave your dog at home alone all day (most responsible dog owners already know that) but there will be times when leaving your dog is unavoidable, and this is the perfect device for those times.

The Furbo features a 160-degree camera with night vision capabilities (meaning you can keep an eye on your dog if you head for a night out), and a microphone and speaker. This means that as well as being able to see and hear your dog, they will also be able to hear you. Ideal if they are soothed by the sound of your voice.

If your dog loves to ‘speak’ then you’ll be pleased to know that the device also has a barking sensor which will alert you when your dog barks in the home, giving you the opportunity to speak to him, calm him or, if necessary, return home to attend to his needs.

My favorite feature of the Furbo? The in-built treat dispenser. Fill the device with treats before you leave the house and then with the press of a button (remotely, using the devices accompanying smartphone app) it will distribute a treat to your dog.

This is a great way to reward good behavior, as well as to encourage continued good behavior. If you know that you’re going to have a busy day then you can even pre-programme the app to release the treats at a given time, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your pet will be happy and well looked after.

The Furbo is also ergonomically designed and built to seamlessly fit into even the most stylish homes. With its bamboo wood cover and its sleek white body, this device can sit on any work services and will look just like a stylish vase.

If you have a pampered pet then the Furbo is the one piece of kit you definitely need: you’ll love being able to keep an eye on your beloved dog no matter where you are, and your dog will be pleased to know that you’re only the push of a button away.


Smart technologies have the potential to completely revolutionize the way we run our homes. Voice controlled gadgets will allow you to operate almost every device in your home without getting out of your chair – or even being in the same room!

Now is the perfect time to explore this high tech wizardry, and prepare your home to become one of the smart homes of the future. If you don’t invest now, you’re likely to fall behind with this thoroughly modern trend.

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