Steal His Style: Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most stylish men in pop. His long lean frame (Mark is over 6 feet tall) topped by his trademark 4-inch high quiff means that he physically dominates every room he walks into, and he dresses to command attention.

In 2011 Mark cemented his reputation for being almost painfully cool by marrying the stunningly beautiful, and equally effortlessly cool, model and singer Joséphine de La Baume. They divide their time between London and Paris, and the unique fashion attitudes of each distinctive destination definitely influence Ronson’s style.

In 2016, GQ Magazine declared Mark Ronson the most stylish man of the year, and his unique blend of retro, sporty, high fashion styling had as all reaching for the hair wax to recreate his style!

Want to steal his super-cool and effortlessly easy to wear look? Here are our top tips for dressing like Mark Ronson:

Don’t Shy Away From Colour

Mark Ronson doesn’t shy away from colour and isn’t afraid to mix several different bright shades and unusual textures in one outfit. Acid brights, vibrant patterns, rainbow stripes…they’re all trends in his armoury. Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

Wearing bright colours can feel daunting. And wearing bright colours from head to toe is a look that most men would shy away from. But Mark Ronson really pulls off wearing the bright suit, and he shows us how we can do it too.

Wearing one bright coloured suit from head to toe is something that needs very careful consideration; this isn’t a trend that you should just rush into. You need to choose a colour that compliments your skin tone, that makes you feel comfortable rather than self-conscious, and that coordinates with the shirts and shoes you already have in your closet.

Ronson clearly subscribes to the mantra that ‘real men wear pink’ because he often wears one of his many pink suits (usually with coordinating pink shoes and shirt) for media parties and events.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

This is a tricky look to pull of if you’re not famous, but it does show us that colour is not something to be afraid of. If you’re not sure how to wear colours then sticking to one tone (such as blue jeans worn with blue suede shoes and a shiny blue blazer) then you’ll have a look that is textured, coordinated, and very difficult to get wrong.

If bright colours give you the fear, then you can always play with pastel or muted shades. White, beige and powder blue are all perfect for spring and summer and will make a much bolder visual impact than wearing black, without having to brave the acid brights.

You could nod to this aspect of Ronson’s style by investing in a white double-breasted blazer and pairing this with your favourite crisp white shirt. Dress this down (and avoid looking like a game show host) by pairing with your favourite blue skinny jeans and oversized black sunglasses. This will give you Mark Ronson style that is accessible to everyone!

Mix and Match

Unless you’re wearing a tailored three-piece suit, you should avoid wearing one brand head to toe if you want to capture Ronson’s signature eclectic look. He often pairs high-end designer pieces from brands such as Dior and Yves St Laurent with vintage and thrift store finds.

He also enjoys finding hidden gems and promoting little-known brands from all over the world. You could recreate this look by pairing an iconic designer piece alongside some of your favourite basics from H&M or ASOS.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comMark Ronson credits Dior with much of his passion for fashion, particularly Dior during the years that Hedi Slimane took over running the house.

In an interview with GQ, Ronson reminisced that  “I remember the first really expensive thing I bought was a Dior leather jacket…It was $2,300. I don’t regret it. He makes jackets that you could wear down to the store and see Daft Punk wearing on stage.”

Whilst most of us can’t afford to have a closet full of 2,000 dollar jackets, look for one designer investment piece that makes you look and feel like a million dollars. This could be an amazing leather jacket, a pair of high end jeans that fit you like a second skin, or a patterned blazer that immediately injects you with confidence.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

Ronson has a wardrobe full of bold patterned jackets, and he favours a slim fitting blazer than falls just about his hip. This versatile piece can be worn with either jeans or chinos for casual occasions, or with black dress pants for formal events. Dress up with a crisp white shirt or down with your favourite tee.

If you’re going to wear a statement jacket then the rest of your outfit should be kept as low key and minimalist as possible. Mix and match high energy pieces with everyday basics, in just the same way that you should mix expensive pieces with more affordable ones.

Here are some of our favourite Mark Ronson-inspired blazers and jackets, perfect for investing in now and completely reinviting your wardrobe:

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

Don’t be afraid to look in your local thrift store if you want to inject something a little unexpected into your look, especially if you’re looking to nod to Mark Ronson’s cool 1960s and 1970s aesthetic: Just one or two vintage pieces will be enough though; too much and you risk looking like you are on your way to a costume party.

When it comes to modern vintage, less is more.

Pay Attention to The Details

The key to pulling off Mark Ronson’s trademark style is to pay attention to the details of your outfit and ensure that everything is slick, coordinated and put together.

Ronson often adds gold collar tips to his shirts, and when he is wearing a tie, he holds it in place with a tie clip. These are old-school details that work perfectly with his vintage style. Accessories are integral to the Mark Ronson look: and how can we talk about his style without talking about his passion for sunglasses?

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comRonson is a dedicated devotee of the Rayban Wayfarers. He favours the oversized black model, although he has also been spotted wearing the tortoiseshell or wire-rimmed versions. Here are some of our favourites, so that you can steal this look and make it your own:

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

When he is wearing pants, particularly the wide-legged seventies inspired palazzo pants he has favoured over the past several summers, Mark holds them in place with a skinny belt. Whilst black belts go with everything, neutral tan and beige pieces are his preference. These stand out more, draw attention to a slender waist and add interest to an outfit.

Don’t let black be your default, particularly if wearing a different colour will make a bolder and more exciting statement. Accessories are the best way to experiment with colour, particularly if you explore inexpensive accessories that are easy to change and mix up depending on your mood.

Dressed Down Cool

You might be forgiven for thinking that Mark Ronson only ever wears his iconic and vibrant suits, but in reality, he also has a high covetable and ridiculously cool dressed down style too. Ronson’s off-duty uniform tends to revolve around his favourite fitted skinny jeans (in either black or dark blue) and, of course, a statement jacket. Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion |

Whilst the blazer certainly dominates Mark Ronson’s formal wardrobe, it is the more modern jacket he turns to for his casual look. Think satin bomber jacket, leather biker jackets, and of course low key denim jackets too.

The key to getting this dressed down look right is to ensure that your jacket makes a statement. The shearling baseball jacket from Coach that he’s is wearing above, for example, immediately draws the eye thanks to its unusual texture.

If you’re looking for a new casual jacket then look for one with details that will draw attention for all the right reasons: iron on patches or badges, brightly coloured sleeves, unusual textures and fabrics. Pair with your favourite snowy white kicks and you’re ready to hit the town looking just like a dressed-down Mark!

Constantly Evolve

Mark Ronson didn’t just emerge onto the scene as the style icon he is today: his style has constantly changed and evolved throughout his career. It’s important to keep an eye on the way you dress and to change and switch up things that just aren’t working.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen his career began, Mark Ronson dressed in a typical DJs uniform: Air Max or Air Force 1’s, loose fitting jeans, and a cool tee from either Supreme or Union. As his fame rose, so did his focus on style. It’s hard to imagine the Ronson we know now being such a big star if he dressed like a Hip Hop icon!

The fit of his clothes became skinnier, he focused more on coordinated suits and on the importance of wearing a slick, well-fitting jacket. He also started to wear suits, grew out his hair, and his interest in fashion and style grew dramatically at this point.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comEvolution is essential for keeping your style fresh and new. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new things. This is easier than you might think. If you need new jeans or new shoes, don’t just instinctively buy the same style that you’ve been wearing for the past few seasons.

Instead take a step back and take the time to really think about what you need, and what you like. Investigate new trends, explore styles that you might not have considered before. Keeping your style fresh doesn’t mean that you have to wear vibrant and whacky pieces: it just means that you have to be conscious of keeping yourself out of a style rut.

Statement Hair

One of the trademarks of Mark Ronson’s style is his hair: his oversized quiff, firmly held in place, makes him immediately recognisable. Many of us have hairstyles that we consider to be our trademark look and are often reluctant to change it, but reworking your hair is a great way to immediately refresh your look.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhilst he was reluctant to lose his quiff, Mark switched up his style and got us all talking by dying it platinum blonde. Hair colour isn’t just for the girls, and you can now find such a wide array of temporary or short-term hair colour options that injecting colour is easy for everyone.

Not keen on platinum blonde but like the idea of injecting some colour into your hair? We love dark hair which is given a blue tinge with navy blue hair colour or vibrant red hair, which looks incredible pairs with smooth pale skin, like Ronsons.

Steal His Style: Mark Ronson : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comIf you’re not feeling brave enough to make a permanent change to your hair then even styling it differently can give you a whole new look, and help you to turn heads. It doesn’t matter if your hair is always on point, if it always looks the same then people will simply stop noticing it.

By changing the direction of your sweep, moving or changing the angle of your parting, or simply slicking your hair down (if you usually wear it up high, like Mark Ronson) you will draw attention to your hair, to your face, and inject new life and excitement into your style.


There is no denying that Mark Ronson is a stylish man, but his style is also very tricky to recreate. His vibrant shiny suits, his love of pattern and texture, and his skill for sourcing the best and most unique vintage pieces is incredibly tricky to copy.

However, the essence of his style is easy to inject into everything you wear. Push your boundaries, be bold, try new things. Fallen in love with a new jacket? Why not buy it in that colour you love but are too frightened to wear, instead of defaulting to the boring black model!

Don’t buy or wear all of your clothes from just one store. It’s OK to have a favourite designer or a favourite high street shop, but recreating one of their modelling shops will only look bland and boring. Instead, mix and match high-end pieces with affordable basics.

Finally, don’t forget to add at least one interested and unexpected detail to every outfit that you wear. Whether that is a statement watch, a very cool piece of jewellery, or even a leather bag or satchel will show that you care about fashion That you pay attention to details. And that you want to give your style an upgrade.

We love Mark Ronson’s style, particularly his effortlessly cool dressed-down looks. He is one of our favourite celebrities, and we are excited to incorporate some of his style tips into our own wardrobes.

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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