The Stylish Man’s Guide to Wearing Camo

Camo is back! No longer reserved for hunters and military personnel, camouflage is fresh and cool again. This is a pattern perfect for casual wear no matter what the season, provided you style it right.

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comCamo is the perfect fabric to help you stand out from the crowd and it is muted and versatile enough to go with almost anything. The modern man wearing camo knows how to maximize its utilitarian style and turn something practical into a fashion statement.

Here are four ways to wear camo and up your style credentials:

Pay Attention to Details

If you want to dip your toe into the water of camouflage wear then why not start with accessories? Camouflage shoes are a great place to start because we tend to experiment more with pattern and colour on our footwear than any other aspect of our outfit. We love the new camouflage espadrilles available from the Royal Fashionist Store.

The espadrille is the perfect style to boost your summer shoe game, providing a shoe that is lightweight, wearable, and designed to go with almost everything! Espadrilles are the hottest shoe style for summer 2017, and are designed specifically for wearing on the beach, making them the ideal vacation shoe.

The classic camo pattern of this shoe will look perfect paired with almost any colour. That means you can wear them with your favourite vibrant chinos and shorts, as well as with denim.

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |

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If camouflage shoes don’t suit your style then there are other accessories you could experiment with, that would integrate just as easily into your existing wardrobe.

The camouflage baseball cap is an off-duty celebrity favourite, whilst a camo holdall or backpack will allow you to experiment with the style on a part time basis and doesn’t have to have any impact on your current outfit choices.
The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |

Kanye West nails this style perfectly by passing through the airport in a classic and low key denim jacket and pants combination, whilst elevating his style with a Louis Vuitton camouflage print holdall. The bag his is carrying is the focal point of his whole outfit.

Camouflage Trousers

There are very few scenarios, outside of a red neck wedding, where it is possible to wear camouflage trousers in a formal environment. When you choose to wear camo pants, you are choosing a formal aesthetic: embrace it!
The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |

There are two different ways to wear camo trousers and make them work with real style. Printed trousers are quite a style statement, so you should keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. Either opt for a simple dark coloured top (such as a black shirt or fitted round neck navy blue tee) or embrace the urban feel of the camo trouser by pairing it with a logo sweater.

The key to making your camo trousers look stylish is clever layering: add interesting details into your outfit by pairing an open shirt or jacket over your tee to avoid your camo looking functional and drab.

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comFinally, it’s important to note that modern camo trousers bare very little resemblence to their cousins from the early ’90s: throw your cargo pants away and look for a slim fitted camo trouser instead. Alternatively, embrace urban styling by looking for oversized camo sports pants and pair them with your favourite sneakers, just like Justin Bieber.

The Camo Jacket

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |


The Camo jacket is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to inject the camo trend into your wardrobe. Versatile, season-less and perennially stylish, when you choose a camo jacket you are choosing to indicate that you’re styish and on trend.

You jacket should sit at the top of your thigh, have a relatively slim fit, but leave room for layering with complimentary tees and shirts. Camo looks great with denim, particularly darker shades, so why not consider pairing your new jacket with jeans? To add a pop of colour to your outfit choose sneakers or shoes in vibrant primary colours to add an unexpected edge to your look..

The camo jacket is considered to be a classic style statement, making it less outlandish and more conventional than the camo trousers or accessories.

As with all outerwear trends, quality matters. Look for a jacket that fits well on the shoulders and strong hardware detailing, and buy the best quality brands that you can afford.

Here are some of the best available on the market:

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |

The Camo Hoodie

If you want to make space for camouflage in your weekend casual wardrobe then the camo hoodie is a great place to start. You could also loose the hood and adopt this same style in sweater form.

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comThese are simple and casual pieces that will turn that Sunday morning brunch look into something a little more interesting and fashion-forward whilst still requiring minimal effort from you!

Look for a longer line hooded top or sweater, and then pair with your favourite skinny jeans and simple block colour sneakers. This will give balance to the shape of the outfit, and stop the overall effect from being too avant garde and flamboyant.

There are a huge number of different camouflage sweaters available at a wide range of price points, making this an easy way to experiment with the style without breaking the bank. Here are some of our picks:

The Stylish Man's Guide to Wearing Camo : Footwear |


Camouflage is back and it’s here to stay! No matter what camouflage style statement you choose to make, ensure that your camo fits well and choose a shade that coordinates with your existing wardrobe.

If you’re developed a passion for camo, it’s important to remember that you can only wear one piece of camo attire at a time without risking overkill. One piece of camoflauge print is a style statement: two or more pieces is preparation for a hunting trip!

Unsure where to start with camo? Accessories are a great starting point. Camouflage shoes in particular can really elevate an outfit without having to commit to a large block of pattern: ideal if you’re a wallflower who likes to blend into the background.

Finally, whilst camouflage may traditionally have been used to blend into the background, modern camo is designed to make an outfit stand out! Let your camo stand out as the focal point of your outfit and really shine!

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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