How Long Should Men’s Shorts Be? See The Mystery Unveiled

Whether you like it or not summer is approaching fast, and the heat is coming even faster. Soon jeans will be out of the picture and shorts will be all we want to wear.

Some of you readers are wearing them right, and some, lets just say need a hand here or there. But don’t worry. Tips are always free.

When should I wear a pair of shorts?

Recreational activities are perfect times to wear shorts. When relaxing with family or friends, shorts are a nice way to dress down and dress comfortable.

The weather also plays a huge part. No one wants to burn to death wearing dark denim in 100-degree weather. And please never wear shorts to a business meeting or to any formal events or ceremonies. If you do this, it makes you look immature and out of place.

How long or short should my shorts be?

How Long Should Men's Shorts Be? See The Mystery Unveiled : Fashion |

This is the biggest factor in deciding what shorts are for you, and honestly it depends on size and taste. The easiest way to size shorts are where they sit: above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee.

Above the knee shorts are the hardest to size because it does depend on the size of the man. Do not buy shorts that are too small or sit too high on your thigh. Ever. It is a bad look and leaves a terrible impression on other men, women, and children. Please don’t blind the babies!

What colors should I stick to?

This all depends on preference. If you will be wearing light colored shorts, pair it with a bold patterned shirt. Black, gray and white are always a nice color to pair with any shade of shorts. A crisp white button up can be the perfect mix of formal and relaxed as well.

How Long Should Men's Shorts Be? See The Mystery Unveiled : Fashion |

Where can I find shorts right for me?

Three places that have an assortment of men’s shorts are J Crew, Banana Republic, and Original Penguin. These stores offer shorts in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Don’t be afraid to explore materials as well! Mix it up when shopping for the right shorts for you.

No matter if you’re wearing cargos, bermudas, or trunks, make sure your shorts are comfortable and fit correctly. Remember to avoid bulging pockets, which can detract from your well-worn look. And remember, feel good in them!

Now that you have a few free tips in your pocket, which shorts are you wearing this summer?

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