We all know that in order to gain and define muscles, not only the diet (great amounts of proteins and so on) and a good workout routine play a crucial part. We also depend on our testosterone levels, which should be balanced.

That’s why some people have been talking about the testosterone pellets (or beauty pellets). The technique, which has been gaining popularity among the celebrities lately, consists of a subcutaneous implant of the hormone.

“People have been using the pellets more and more now due to its efficacy in replacing testosterone when its levels fall as we grow older, which leads to the androgen deficient aging male disorder”, explains Lenina Matioli, a sports and nutrition physician.

chip de testosteronaSmaller than a coin, the pellet, which is implanted underneath the skin through an outpatient procedure, by a small local incision, under anesthesia, lasts up to a couple of months depending on each patient. During this period, the pellet releases amounts of the hormone in the organism. These amounts should replace each patient’s deficient levels.

According to the professionals I’ve talked to, the testosterone pellet replaces the hormone in men with some sort of deficiency, so it shouldn’t be used for aesthetics purposes (even though some people do).

Testosterone-Pellet-Injector“Although it’s referred to as the beauty pellet, the aesthetics improvement represents an extra effect, not the implant’s first objective. That should be supplying the hormone in cases of deficiency”, Lenina adds.

Weight loss and Hypertrophy

chris-pratt_n-640x640x80Using the testosterone pellet may help shedding off a few pounds. That’s because the hormone, in balanced levels, stimulates fat mobilization. So, that explains why many people replacing testosterone end up losing a few pounds. “Naturally, the right diet and workout are essential, after all, testosterone itself doesn’t do magic”, the physician clarifies.

And since testosterone promotes muscle synthesis, that is, it contributes to the increase of lean mass, we can say that the beauty pellet effect of balancing the levels of testosterone helps with hypertrophy (or the increase of muscles).

“The testosterone is an anabolic hormone, which can increase the production of proteins and, finally, promote muscular growth. That, naturally, when the muscles have been receiving the necessary stimuli, like vigorous and consistent workout, and when their diet supplies the necessary amount of nutrients”, says Leandra Negretto, an endocrinologist.

Plus, the balanced levels of testosterone contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, to the maintenance of bone mass, as well as they improve libido, reduce the risks of diabetes type 2, contribute to a good night’s sleep and decrease depressive symptoms.

“And all these changes are, generally, more prevalent in older men, usually after 55 or 60”. That means, men who are more susceptible to the androgen deficient aging male disorder”, Lenina explains.

And there’s more: as the testosterone is also connected to sexual drive, some researches have pointed to a slight increase of physical vigor and the improvement of mood and vitality when the pellet is used.


If you’re interested in the implant, one more thing you should know about it is that it’s recommended for everyone who has a testosterone deficiency, no matter if because of the androgen deficient aging male disorder, which usually happens after 60, or as the result of other diseases.

“The person’s age isn’t really relevant. Instead, the indication is. The advantage of the pellet is that you don’t need to worry about taking it, since the testosterone will be released constantly”, points out Fellipe Savioli, a sports physician and orthopedist member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

According to Leandra Negretto, the administration of testosterone, just like the use of any hormonal therapy, should only be used in case of hormonal deficiency. “In general, that deficit isn’t common in young men, and it increases as the men’s age increases too, especially if they’re sedentary and overweight”, she argues.

Indiscriminate Use

chip de testosterona - uso indiscriminadoJust like the implant of the testosterone pellet can be good for you, it can also cause some problems. That is, when used in excess – and without medical supervision – can lead, in the long term, to prostate and mammary cancer (in men).

“Besides, some studies have shown that the use of testosterone, even when duly recommended, increases cardiovascular risks – that is, there are more chances the person can have a heart attack or stroke”, Leandra points out.

Side Effects

If used in excess, testosterone can lead to acne, gynecomasty (the enlargement of the mammary glands in men), baldness, higher cholesterol levels in the blood, liver toxicity, peliotis (a liver disease that can cause the organ’s bleeding), atrophy of the testicles, fertility decline (or sometimes even infertility), other than cardiovascular diseases, as mentioned.

But how about testosterone gels?

I asked the experts I interviewed about this, and they told me the gel consists of a drug widely used and studied, if compared to the pellets.

Plus, the gel is recommended for those who don’t want to undergo any kind of implantation procedure. Their only reservation is that, since the gel has to be used daily, there’s the risk of transferring the gel to other people through physical contact, as hugging or during sex, for example.


That is why, my dear reader, having a real talk with your doctor in order to understand if this implant is for you is essential. In case the testosterone pellet is really a good solution to your case, well, then go for it.

And remember: make moderate use of testosterone. I mean, at this point you must know that, having a nice body doesn’t compensate if you’re bound to develop any diseases in the future. Think about it!

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