Every new year brings new things, doesn’t it? Well, businesses aren’t any different. Particularly the footwear industry. And so that you don’t stay out of all the new trends, I have done a little research and I’ll show you now the 10 new sneaker releases for this first semester.

Forget the fitness models. This time I went after the casual versions. The options are incredible. Take a look!

  1. Vapormax

I’ll start off with Nike. Vapormax can many times be taken for a sportive version, but the thing is that you can wear them on just any occasion (personally, I like to wear these to go out rather than work out. After all, they look so nice).

According to the manufacturer, they have eliminated the regular foam for cushioning purposes. That’s right, dear reader. With the Flyknit and Nike Air technologies, it was possible to create a footwear that achieves great flexibility, boost and endurance.

Nike has worked on Vapormax sole so that just a few bits are made in rubber. This way, according to them, they achieve perfect fitting.


  1. Yeezy Boost 350 V Zebra

Yeezy Boost is a partnership of Adidas and Kanye West, . The sneakers have got a new version: all white and black in zebra prints. Their sole, in rubber, is semi translucent and their sidewalls, a bit higher than usual, gives a nice effect when you put them on.

Of course a lot of technology is involved in the conception of these shoes. For instance, there’s the Boost technology, which makes their sole much more stable, shock-resistant and responsive, that is, they really adapt to any sort of situation as well as feet.


  1. 247 Luxe

“Modern, urban, high-tech”. This is how New Balance defines their new release. According to information provided by the manufacturer, the 247 Luxe offers a new silhouette as well as materials, without, of course, forgoing the brand’s DNA.

That’s why it’s possible to notice some references to the classic 1300, 574, 576 and 998. Made in leather, the 247 Luxe blends handicraft, technology and comfort.


  1. Puma Clyde Cow

packer-shoes-puma-clyde-cow-suit-packA homage to the former North American basketball player Wakt Clyde, a Puma has come up with this new model of sneakers that look just like Clyde: lots of colors and prints. There are three options: synthetic suede with cow prints in red, royal blue and black.


  1. Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool copyThis is the tribute the brand pays to the iconic sneakers that have been trendy up to these days. The Vans Old Skool was only possible thanks to the partnership between Vans and Union Los Angeles. They come in three colors: off-White, Silent Gold and Dusty Pink. And they’re available in twill, suede and leather.


  1. Filling Pieces Mountain Cut Ghost Matt Nubuck Black

Filling Pieces Mountain Cut Ghost Matt Nubuck BlackFilling Pieces features lots of options in terms of styles and colors. I admit I was unsure as to which kind I should show you guys. So I went for Matt Nubuck (which, I have to say, is a personal choice).

The sneakers are made with nubuck and the D-rings – where the shoe laces pass through – in black metal, which makes their appearance even nicer.


  1. Puma X Trapstar Clyde Bold

Puma X Trapstar Clyde BoldThese sneakers by Puma and Trapstar hás been released in the USA already (and we hope they’ll be in Brazil soon). But, who knows, we can always hope to get them online, right?

According to the info I’ve come across, these sneakers feature army colors –other than a fantastic detail, which is the Trapstar’s logo on their side.


  1. Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the first Air Max, Nike has just come up with a revamped version. In vibrant red, the brand states two innovations that make the sneakers even lighter: a Flyknit upper, which also makes them more flexible, and a midsole which is hollow in some parts, reducing the shoes’ weight and providing more comfort.


  1. 247 Classic

247 classicIf on the one hand New Balance introduces the Luxe version, it has not abandoned those who are more into the classic style. Hence the 247 Classic. And I can tell you that even their colors are pretty basic: Navy blue, white, gray and black. Nothing too jazzy. It was really conceived for the basic types.


  1. Common Projects

common projectsThe brand, known for their sneakers in leather has just released their Spring/Summer collection. The Best part is that Common Projects has brought totally new colors into their sneakers. Plus, you can also find it in suede, that is, there are just so many options you can pick from to match your nice looks and style.


So, how do you like my list?

I guess I can say I like them all. If I could, I’d get all the ten for myself. How about you?

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