It is hard to keep up with all the trends in the Men’s fashion industry, especially with accessories. But we can’t complain much because for women it is even worse.

Do you want to stay in fashion? You better be looking at many magazines and fashion site news to look at the latest trends. Lucky you, you are here at and we do the best to #Filter all the Fail trends so you know exactly what to buy.

So today I am here to tell you about the latest (good) trend that has every guy looking like the “cool kids”.

Clear Aviator Sunglasses

This has to be one of the sunglasses all celebs and influencers are wearing the most. The clear Aviator is a stylish but yet very subtle sunglass. You can wear it with any outfit; I mean any! Like a t-shirt or even a suit.

High Fashion Clear Aviator Sunglasses

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Tinted Clear Sunglasses

Similar to the Clear aviators, we then have the ones with colored lenses. It is a very fun accessory to use and you can probably find it in any color. See my favorites below:

Squared Geometrical Sunglasses

Warby Parker x Off-White Collab sunglasses is what every fashion guy needs. It comes in three colors and has a squared geometrical style which is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, it sold out very quickly but you can still find it on eBay. There are also other alternatives for this style of sunglasses. Take a look:

Kurt Cobain Inspired Sunglasses

media source:

Definitely not my sunglass style, but this post is not about me lol. These white sunglasses, inspired by the iconic rock star Kurt Cobain, made a statement this year. If you are a style rebel and you don’t care what people think (which you shouldn’t) I think you should try this sunglasses out.

It does look a little feminine for my taste but I guess it is unisex. Even Chanel has a version of it.

Last Comment:

From this list, I am definitely more leaned towards the clear aviators. Like I said, it’s a classic sunglass with a lot of style and is super versatile. What sunglass do you like most from this list?

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