New year, new life! Surprisingly enough, lots of people take this saying very seriously. So much that I’m sure you know someone who’s planning on moving to a different city this year. Or maybe you’re one of them. So, it was thinking about those who want to shake off their routine and turn all things around, pick a new place to live and so on, that I decided to select the five best cities to live in in 2017.

Each of these cities features some particularities. But I believe you’ll see yourself in one of them. Let’s go!

Miami: Young and diverse

Miami BeAnd so we start with the city the foreigners love best. If you’re into cultural diversity, then Miami is for you. The city feels young and cool. Nightlife in Miami is quite intense. So I suggest it for young people or newly-married couples.

And if you can afford to live in an upscale neighborhood, I recommend Bal Harbour. There you’ll find great stores and shopping options, a breathtaking beach and also golf clubs.

But you’ll say you can’t afford to live in a neighborhood like that. That’s fine! Then I’ll suggest Coconut Grove. That’s a quite popular destination for both locals and tourists. “The Grove”, as it’s called by the locals, is considered to be one of the most elegant, energetic and inviting neighborhoods of the South of Florida.

I have to mention the weather in Miami. The temperatures are usually high. Winter is quite mild. It’s basically the perfect city for those who hate the cold (which is my case). Not to mention the art. Along a whole year, you may see the Art Deco weekend in January, the Ultra Music Festival in March, the Pride Parade, the Decembers’ Art Basel Miami or the Fashion Week.

And, my dear reader, all that with a healthy vibe. After all, with beaches all around, showing your body is just natural. If you’re into healthiness and the like, you can start packing right away.

Chicago: if your thing is networking

Listen, man, what can I say about this wonderful city? I just love it. Starting from the fact that, living in Chicago, even if you’re paying rent, you won’t have to work like crazy or keep track of all your expenses at the end of the month to make ends meet.

All joking aside, the rent in Chicago really is cheaper than it is in many other American cities. And if you’re seeking professional growth, it has to be on your list.

There, even if people are a bit competitive, you can be sure they’re not selfish. What does that mean? That means they’re willing to help you, even if you may be their competitor in the future. So, we can define Chicago as the city for those seeking to grow professionally.

And, in general, those who search for networking also like good art. That’s why the city is considered the paradise when it comes to festivals. I mean, there are over 400 festivities every year, among gastronomic, cultural or musical. I have to bring up Lollapalooza, featuring hundreds of bands and an audience of all ages.

Austin: the smiling city

Located in Texas, it might sound a bit weird for some people that I consider Austin one of the best cities to live in this year. But I’ll show you I’m not crazy. Starting from their gastronomy. If you like barbecue, my friend, you gotta try Austin’s.

And that’s not all. Any (yes, any) restaurant you set foot in will please you with amazingly tasty dishes. You know, really well-seasoned food? That’s what I’m talking about here.

franklin-barbeque-food-austin-texas.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960Not to mention the people, who are just so friendly. So if you’re the kind of guy who needs to make friends as soon as you get to the town, well Austin is a sure thing. People there are not concerned about your beliefs or preferences, but instead the kind of human being you are, on the inside. That’s what matters in Austin.

And there’s more. Their economy is in a very good shape, you know? According to Forbes, Austin is on the list of the best cities to work in. It’s the third fastest growing city in the country, which attracts lots of university students, immigrants and families.

In my searches, lots of people say Austin is becoming the Mecca for businesses. That’s why it gathers lots of people after great opportunities. So, if one thing or another in Chicago doesn’t please you, how about trying Austin?

New York: nonstop

If you’re not after a silent city and you like the rush feeling, so pack up your things and head for NY. The city is considered the financial heart of the US, as well as it is filled with challenges: traffic, packed places and outrageous prices. At the same time, you can find the best cuisines and culture just meters away from your place. There are over 1,500 galleries in NY open every day.

And how about gastronomy? Well, NY counts on over 18 thousand restaurants and over 4 thousand food vendors, the popular food trucks. And there’s food for all tastes, okay? From Italian to Japanese. There are also options for the healthier ones – just like places to do some exercise. The city is always in a rush, but you can certainly take some time and take care of yourself.

And I have to say something else: New York is the city for those who want to be ahead of everything. You know: that is where all trends (be it fashion or technology) start. So, if you’re into new things (and want to be the first to know about them), two words for you: New York!

San Francisco: for all tribes

One of the most populous cities of California, San Francisco is a nice pick for those who enjoy the four seasons in a single day. After all, in San Francisco you can wake up in summer and go to bed in winter. And there’s also the foggy weather, a typical weather in the city. It’s even got a name: Karl.

We could also name the city something else: eclectic. In SF all tribes are welcome. Hippies, gypsies, hipsters, gays, nerds, fitness people, and so on. There’s no discrimination.

Plus, the place is totally based on health and fitness. It’s possible to find great diversity of organic food in the local supermarkets. Besides, there are lots of restaurants in San Francisco that offer that kind of meal. Plus, there’s a plethora of places to practice sports and physical activities.

So have you picked your city yet?

I hope I was of help. The next step is thinking about what you want for your future exactly and look for housing and apartment options. Good luck!

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