The 9 Shoes Every Man Should Own ( Complete Your Wardrobe )

If you are like me before I started my “fashion life” I didn’t know how to differ shoes and everything looked the same to me. The only thing I knew was, shoe with lace and without it. That’s it.

I didn’t even know the basics on how to wear and with what clothes to wear, It was awful. You can see that some shoes look the same but have some details that make each one of them original, and this sometimes makes it even harder to distinguish them apart.

However this is not a problem anymore, as I will teach you the name of the main styles of men’s shoes and how to differ them apart. Are you ready?

 TIP – What is a shoe vamp?  It’s the top of your shoe, the piece that starts at the toe and goes over the top of your foot. A low vamp (left) make your feet look small, cause your socks to bunch, can’t be worn with suits, and are better off catching dust bunnies on the rack at Value Village. A high vamp (right)—now, that’s worth your cash. credit

The 9 Shoes Every Man Should Own ( Complete Your Wardrobe ) : Fashion |

Cap Toe Oxford

The Oxford is one of the most popular men’s dress shoe. It is one of the shoes that you should have first, because you can pair it with an outfit for a special occasion or your office look. You can find an Oxford in a variety of colors but black and brown would be the most popular colors. You can differ the Cap toe oxford because of the closed lacing and the extra leather band near the front of the shoe (the cap).


Another classic shoe but more designed with a cap toe that stretches on the sides of the shoe in a form of a wing, originating the name “wing tip”. Another way to differ the wingtip is to see the perforated holes making a unique design. You can find wingtips in a more dressy way, like the leather ones, but you can also find them in different material like suede and in many colors as well.

Boat Shoe

A very easy to use shoe and great for hot days shoe.  The boat shoe is defined by the lace detail on the top and the sides with a non-slip rubber sole. Most men prefer to use this shoe with shorts but you can certainly wear it with a casual look, like a chino or jeans, just make sure you don’t wear socks with it.

Driving shoe

Another great shoe to wear on hot days, the driving shoes has a moccasin style of the body and like the name says, it was made to be used when driving. You can distinguish them by looking at the heel support and the rubber details on the sole.


One of the most formal shoes and should only be used with a classy outfit. A nice tuxedo and a bow tie complements this shoe really well.

Penny loafer

The penny loafer is another shoe you should own. It has a strap across the top of the shoe for style purposes and it is defined by not having a lace or a buckle. The penny loafer is very popular also as a sock less shoe but you can also wear it with socks. The name “penny loafer” was originated because of the strap split detail which was used to add small decoration, such as pennies.

Monk strap

The monk strap is defined by the buckle strap that replace the shoe lace. It can have one, two and even three buckle straps. It can also be cap toe, wingtip and be made of different materials like leather, suede, canvas,etc.


It is a ankle length boot with two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing. The chukkas are more seen in suede and calfskin leather. It is a very casual shoe that looks better with denim pants.


The espadrilles have been around for a while but it got even more popular when the Tom’s espadrilles came out and even large brands like Chanel started producing their own. The espadrilles are usually made of cotton or canvas but what what you will certainly see first is the rope sole it has.

There are a lot more types of shoes out there but this list of shoes are the ones you will most likely see on a daily basis. Hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully you will now be able to distinguish them. 🙂


What is your favorite shoe?

What you most wear for your casual and dressy look?

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