The New Oversized T Shirts Men’s Street Style Trend, and Where to Buy

I have been always a great fan of fitted and trimmed silhouettes but for a couple of months I have been trying the oversized t shirts men’s street style and surprisingly enough I like it. But first let’s understand where the line between cool and sloppy is.

The Style

I am not the #1 person to talk about this kind of style because I am not really 100% into it, but I know how to appreciate and try new things before saying that I don’t like it.

The hipster/street style is growing more for couple of years and definitely the 2015 is the year where this style is booming.

I have to say that the over sized t-shirt style is kind of tricky if you don’t know how to pull it off.

First of all, no matter if we like it or not, this type of t-shirt will look better on skinnier guys because most of the styles have a trimmer waist cut and lets say if you have a “beer belly” it doesn’t look as cool (but there are many other styles that would).

Second, the main thing that I see people do wrong is actually to try too hard and over do it.  No good!

Third is tougher, but if you are not very tall, the over sized shirt will probably not be your best choice; you will want to wear something that makes you look longer and leaner and not shorter and chunkier.

Who is Wearing it

LA and NY are the cities that you will see more guys wearing this kind of style.

Justin Bieber loves this style but he would easily fit in the second category of #oversize fail. Most of his outfits are very sloppy and too loose for his body. He could easily find t-shirts that would go a couple inches below his waist instead of all the way to his knees.

The New Oversized T Shirts Men's Street Style Trend, and Where to Buy : Fashion  | https://www.royalfashionist.comHow To Do It Right

Like I mentioned before, it is an over sized t-shirt but doesn’t need to look all weird and baggy. A good quality t-shirt should fit well on your body.

A good way to measure the length is to have it right underneath your butt. It may sound weird but it is easy to remember.

Like you have heard me say here in the blog many times, the quality of material is very important when shopping. You need to understand that you may think you are getting a good deal initially but it will wear out very easily, stretch out, and that’s one thing you don’t want.

There are many companies out there that do a great job on quality and affordability. See my list of top ones to buy:

The New Oversized T Shirts Men's Street Style Trend, and Where to Buy : Fashion  |


Many guys think that this is a horrible style but I can see good in it myself. I think the reason some guys hate it so much is because of the #fail styles they see on the street.

Surely, there are many guys like Bieber who can ruin a style but this can happen with any style, just like with formal wear when guys wear a longer trouser or a loose suit.

Be open to other styles and try to see some good in it before you judge. What is your favorite street style?

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