It is getting hotter here in California but at least here in San Francisco it is not as hot, so you could wear this outfit any night. And if you live in some parts of Europe, this is definitely a look to wear.

Talking about Europe, this outfit I wore on my last trip to the amazing country of Ireland. It was pretty cold but this jacket rocked. You can see that I am only wearing the Parka jacket with just a regular t shirt underneath. It handled the cold like a champ.

Why You Should Wear it?

Other than been a very good warm jacket it is very comfortable. I am not kidding, it feels like you are wearing your best blanket.

But that’s the other point too. I had to try at least three Parka Jackets before buying this one from Sixth June because most parka jackets don’t come with the fur inside, just on the hoodie.

That should be ok if you get warm really fast but you won’t get that “comfy” feeling that I am talking about if you don’t get a high quality one.

So what do you think about the outfit?! Don’t forget to stop by to see the accessories I am wearing. See the details:


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