In 1911, the legendary aviator Santos Dumont asked his friend, Cartier, to create a watch that would stick to his wrist during his flights. The accessory has gotten more and more popular ever since.

The best part of it is that today its range is just huge. They can go with suits or casual looks. I mean, when you want to wear a tee and shorts (or jeans) you can also pick the right watch.

photo by SambenzemaAVI-8 Watch and Corinthian Helmet Cuff

And we have to agree on one thing, I guess: you don’t want to come to an informal event wearing the wrong watch, do you? This is precisely why I have come to the decision of talking with the best style consultants to hear from them what the right watches for casual looks are.

“What the watches represent is, basically, a versatile accessory to compose your look, especially when you’re dressed casually, that is, when you don’t have to be so serious”, say the fashion and style consultants, Lili Fuzikava and Marisa Fumanti from RE Consultoria de Imagem, in São Paulo.

The Magic List

I’ve also chatted with Caroline Souza, a style consultant, and with Renato Costa, the CEO of Voulez Inteligência Corporativa e Educacional and expert style and fashion history.The three of us (Caroline, Renato and I)have picked the top 10 watches to wear with casual looks. Check it out:

Collection Stainless Steel Exhibition Dial Rubber Watch

Bulova Curv WB31881CRubber bracelet.

Style: sportive casual.

Suggestions: sweat shirts or pants, plain tee, polo tee, sneakers and cap.

Why they go together: sportive display, bracelet in rubber and chronographer are casual resources that are recommended for those doing sports.

The right colors to go with it: white, gray, black and light colors.

Movado Bold Black Stainless Steel Bracelet

Movado Cerâmica Preta 3600047
Ceramic watch.

Style: modern sexy casual.

Suggestions: dark skinny jeans or leather pants, slim fit shirt, tailored vest, varnished wholecut shoes.

Why they go together: its ceramic bracelet and the sober modern design of the case match the slim silhouette perfectly. That is the perfect option for sexy, thin, tall men whose muscles are defined.

The right colors to go with it: black, white and gray.Hugo Boss Orange New York

Hugo Boss Borracha Cinza – 1513005Style: clothes that combine different prints and fabrics, which are dense and modern.

Why they go together: we’re talking about a watch that is modern and young, whose bracelet and case in black rubber lends such youth to the look.

Suggestions: jeans with different washes, light and dark shades of blue. Carrot sweatpants and sirwal pants also match this piece. Mixing sweatpants and jeans looks great too. For instance, sweatpants or fleece pants can go with jeans slim shirts. It looks quite interesting to put some accessories on with this look, like metal and leather bracelets.

The right colors to go with it: shades of light and dark blue, black or brown pieces, or even colors that resemble earth intense tones.

Larsson & Jennings Lugano Silver Navy Leather

Larsson & Jennings Lugano Silver Navy LeatherStyle: this is when classic and casual meet. The blue bracelet brings elegance, informality, referring to the kind of man who’s assertive about his clothes and style.

Why they go together: that’s a modern watch which is classic at the same time for those who are aiming for a casual relaxed look, with light fabrics, stripes, linen pants, horizontally striped shirts, linen shirts or even cotton tees in lighter shades.

Suggestions: linen pants with leather flip flops or slip-on shoes, sports sandals or even slip-on sneakers with solid colors in fabric. Linen shirts, striped shirts, white cotton t-shirts in lighter tones.

The right colors to go with it: pastel tones, blue or red stripes, pale shades that resemble off white and nude.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45

TAG-Heuer-Connected-Modular-45-smartwatch-side-SBF8A8001.11FT6104_0Style: the modernity of a 100% technological piece that complements your casual look with the functionality and connectivity of the apps. This is a convenient, modern watch which features several functions and has everything to do with the casual man these days.

Why they go together: this is a watch that features just so much technology and interactivity and connectivity app functions. It’s perfect for those considering to invest in a casual modern look which brings something different in terms of design and technology.

This model goes very well with all the casual looks that have some detail referring to modernity, which is just perfect for the kind of guy who’s plugged in.

Suggestions cotton blazer and pants outfits, with modern lines and aligned to the body. Shorter pants (jeans or cotton/twill). Light t-shirts with special cuts and fitting, like long t-shirts, tight jeans or a piece with modern washing.

Combat boots or two-color boots in gradient black and brown. If you wish to dare a little, ripped pants with the long t-shirts can bring about a different look, however, the look is usually recommended for younger men.

The right colors to go with it: sober shades, dark pants and coats, and light t-shirts or long t-shirts in light shades.

Laurent Ferrier White Gold Case

Laurent Ferrier White Gold CaseStyle: That’s a piece that wraps casual and formal in one. So I dare say you can wear it on either occasion. It’s really up to you. The reason I say that is the piece features a sportive leather bracelet, but its silver case looks more like formal watches.
Why they go together:that’s recommended if you like to blend casual and sportive pieces, so, men who are not afraid of daring a bit: the kind of guy who’s got confidence no matter what he’s wearing . Plus, the piece will look amazing if you’ve got style.
Suggestions: a solid white tee and linen pants. Or maybe a more casual shirt and sweatpans (if you really do like to dare).
Thye right colors to go with it: I tend to think it’s up to you, but I think medium shades, I mean, not too light or dark. Mustard or light brown, for instance.

Lum-Tec V Series V3 Phantom

Lum-Tec V Series V3 PhantomStyle: this new brand has come up with a piece for the mighty only. It’s made with colorful sapphire crystal and comes with two bracelets: one in leather and the other in rubber. In that case, we can say that this is another watch that blends sportive and formal in one only piece.

Why they go together:it’s display shows big numbers, which give it a more sportive look. And that is precisely why it’s a great choice for our workout, for example. You can wear it to the gym and that looks fantastic.
Suggestions: your workout clothes or, why not a pair of casual jeans and a plain or printed tee? Nice tennis shoes, sportive or formal. It’s your call.
The right colors to go with it: dark or light sober colors. You can pick t-shirts or long ones and a sweatshirt, also in a sober tone.

Citizen Men’s Canvas

Citizen Mens CanvasStyle: First, I gotta say this watch runs on solar energy. This is a fantastic ecological choice of the brand, which, by the way, has other models on the market. Plus, despite its simplicity, the piece looks quite casual.
Why they go together: this watch should be worn for informal events, but do not do any sports with it. A pool party is the perfect occasion to have it on.
Suggestions:linen – or other light fabrics – shorts and jeans are nice choices. A polo shirt also goes well if you don’t want to wear a t-shirt.

The right colors to go with it: you may go for the color of the braceles (moss green). But white or black are perfect too.

Samsung Gear S3 SmartSamsung-Gear-S3-SmartStyle: well, smartwatches need no comment in fact. Just looking at this piece we get the idea of casuality. Not to mention its fitness functions, which are perfect for people who do sports, not matter the type. Just to give you a couple of examples, it measures your heart rate and features a GPS device.
Why they go together: because at the same time it’s gotten all these functions, which sportive people just love, you can also wear it to your daily activities (when the occasion calls for casuality, naturally).
Suggestions: shorts, pants, tees, polo shirts…there are hardly any restrictions here. Of course you don’t want to wear it to a formal event, but, apart from that, it’s really no big deal.
The right colors to go with it: once again, all colors. Man, in this case you don’t have to restrict any shades. On the contrary actually: pick the color you like best and go ahead.

Luminox Rubber Strap Black Chronograph

Luminox Rubber Strap Black ChronographStyle: highly casual. That’s the word. This is the kind of piece to wear to an outdoor event, like going to the park, or even doing some sport. Just don’t wear it to go out with your friends, alright?

Why they go together: as I said, this is an interesting watch for sportive events. So, whenever you decide to go running, for example, that’s an excellent choice. That’s styling!

Suggestions: casual shorts in lightweight fabrics, leggings…workout clothes. bermudas despojadas, com tecidos para treinar. Ou então, uma legging…in short: workout items.

The right colors to go with it: it’s your choice. Workout clothes, colorful or sober, just follow your style.

Swatch Black Casual

71n3Cs1GROL._UY879_Style:another piece that blends casual and formal, its leather bracelet brings a serious element to the piece at the same time its case is more casual, especially considering its sticking out buttons.

Why they go together: this brand itself brings a young look, there’s no doubt. So, that’s one thing. Plus, the watch looks serious and playful at the same time. It’s really worth investing in it.

Suggestions: I think all options are just nice. No matter if you go for a pair of jeans or twill pants, a tee or a polo shirt. I mean, all styles can benefit from this piece.
The right colors to go with it: all colors. You don’t have to be afraid, just pick whatever color you like and you can’t go wrong.


Other than the options mentioned here, it’s equally important to pay attention to these rules of thumb that Lili and Marisa specified:

    • The bigger the case, the more informal the watch.
    • Colorful bracelets as well as rubber bracelets are more casual; metal and leather, in turn, are more formal (watch for the size of the case though).
    • Thin man will look better with smaller models; bigger men should go for over sized models.
    • Colorful displays should be worn with monochromatic outfits; however, if the watch is more sober, you can play with the pieces as you please.

Wide Range of Options

Man, did you see just how many options I’ve just shown you? So now you just pick the ones you like best and that match your style to improve your looks even more.

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