The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen)

When most people think of London they think of visiting Buckingham Palace and hoping for a chance to get a glimpse of the Queen, but London has so much more to offer visitors than just the Royal family.

London is a vibrant and exciting metropolis with a young and fashion-forward attitude. When it comes to style, London has a reputation for setting standards and pushing boundaries, and Londoners take fashion very seriously. Innovation is key to everything that makes London great, which is why you’ll find that the art, culture, fashion and even the food is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

So if you’re thinking of visiting London, where should you go? Here are our top reasons to visit London, and the best things to experience during your trip

Head to Camden Market

If you want to experience everything that is unusual and quirky about London culture then head to Camden market. Camden is one of the trendiest and most unique destinations in London and it attracts artists, fashion bloggers and those that appreciate the unusual from all over the world.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel |

Camden market is home to more than 1,000 different weird and wonderful shops and stalls selling vintage, original fashion, hand-crafted accessories and unique gifts: if you’re looking for something unique or unusual then you’ll find it in Camden!

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel |

The region is about so much more than simply fashion and shopping though: Camden also has an incredible nightlife scene with famous pubs, clubs, and bars on every corner. If you have a passion for live music and a taste for bands such as The Libertines or The Arctic Monkeys then head to the Roundhouse where you can listen to great sounds at deafening volumes and mingle with the enthusiastic locals.

Visit For London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is a trade show held in the capital twice yearly (every February and September) and attracts both established designers and up-and-coming talent from all around the world.

Whilst access to the shows is restricted to fashion stylists, buyers, celebrities and the media, if you have a passion for fashion then there is no better place to be to soak up the atmosphere and embrace London’s quirky sense of style.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel |

London Fashion Week is held in historic Somerset House, and the cobbled streets surrounding the event are full of the cities hottest and hippest wanting to see and be seen.

You’ll find outlandish outfits, street style photographers hoping to capture the hottest looks for their blogs, and many big brands throw parties and host exclusive shopping events that are open to the general public, enabling you to really embrace the experience.

If you love fashion then there is no better time to be in London than during London Fashion Week.

Shop on Carnaby Street 

Carnaby Street became famous around the world as a hub for high-end and on-trend fashion during the ‘Swinging Sixties’, when Mary Quant opened her first store in the area, and fashionable teeny boppers were queuing around the block for Vidal Sassoon haircuts.

The Beatles shopped here, as did the Rolling Stones and everybody else that fully embraced the mod culture whilst London was swinging. When the eyes of the world were in London during the 1960s, what they were actually watching was Carnaby Street.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comOnce the mod period was over, the punks and rockers came to Carnaby Street and used this iconic region at the heart of the capital as the central point their own counter-culture. This was the place to come to buy your jeans, find records you couldn’t find anywhere else, and have your hair colored green, mohawked, or both!

Carnaby Street has been at the center of the London fashion scene for decades. And now? Now it is the perfect place for locals and visitors from all over the world alike to visit so that they can shop, eat, drink and embrace the creativity that flows through these streets.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comCarnaby Street and nearby Kingly court are home to some world-class bars and restaurants offering exciting and innovative cocktail menus, exciting DJs, and a night out that you’ll never forget.

At night, this is the perfect place to see and be seen. During the day Carnaby street is the ideal destination for exploring the cobbled streets and checking out the independent shops. You’ll take home a fashion-forward souvenir to treasure if you make this your London shopping destination.

Find Fabulous Food

London is home to some of the finest restaurants in Europe: the city currently has 53 restaurants with one Michelin star, nine restaurants with two Michelin stars and two restaurants with an incredible three Michelin stars.

If you’re looking to spend serious money on fine dining by top named chefs then, you’ve come to the right place!

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel |

Luckily, if you’re budget is more modest then London is also hope to hundreds of affordable up and coming chefs, and a wide array of hidden gems.

If you have a passion for Indian or Asian food then head to Brick Lane and their curry mile where the food is both fresh and authentic.

For Italian food at affordable prices, Little Venice is the perfect destination. And don’t be afraid to experiment: if there’s a crowd of well-dressed Londoners lurking outside a restaurant then it’s probably worth exploration! (The same rule of thumb applies to pubs and cocktail bars!)

Enjoy Iconic Attractions 

It would be impossible to talk about visiting London without discussing it’s most iconic attractions.

These are the attractions that draw millions of visitors to the UK every year. From visiting Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to Madam Tussauds and The London Eye, there’s so much to do in London that you’ll certainly never be bored.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe number of attractions you can visit in London will depend on how much time you have in the city, but there are some that should not be missed.

The Natural History Museum, for example, is home to a collection of the rarest animals in the world, including a life-size blue whale and numerous complete dinosaur skeletons.

If you’re more interested in art than history then London’s world-class arts scene is a definite draw: head to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to catch a highbrow show, or pop to the West End if popular musicals are your passion.

Shows currently showing in London’s West End include the Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, The Lion King and Billy Elliot.

Head to The Park

Although it is an urban metropolis, you will actually be surprised to know that approximately 40% of London is dedicated to green space, and the city is home to 8 million trees.

That means that when you’ve shopped until you can shop no more, and overindulged in some of London’s famous nightlife, you can head to one of London’s many parks to relax and unwind.

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comIf you fancy a green landscape and a healthy walk with a view then we recommend traveling to Regent’s Park and then climbing to the top of Primrose Hill.

From the top of the hill, you can take a seat and spot landmarks such as Canary Wharf, the Millennium Dome, and the Post Tower. 

The Top 6 Reasons to Visit London (And It Is Not The Queen) : Travel |

What’s more, Primrose Hill is a great place to indulge in a spot of celeb spotting: you’ll find movie stars and music icons jogging, walking their dogs, and soaking up the sun in the park on a near-daily basis.

Celebrities including model David Gandy, Chris Martin, Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Sam Taylor Wood, David Walliams and Harry Styles all live in the houses surrounding Primrose Hill. You really haven’t been to London until you’ve spent an afternoon in one of its parks.


If you’re looking for the perfect location for your next vacation then look no further than London! It is a city that welcomes visitors from all over the world, absorbs then into its tantalizing way of thinking, and then make sure that you’ll never want to leave. A week in London will be exhausting, exciting, and an experience that you’ll never forget!

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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