Top Men’s Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations

One of the most important accessories that any stylish man can own is a high-quality watch. The right watch will instantly elevate even the most basic of outfit, adding a touch of class. Watches attract attention, they turn heads, and they are an unspoken symbol that you care about how you look.

Wearing a watch is also practical, as well as stylish. When your cell phone runs out of battery, your watch will never let you down, and you’ll have no excuse to be late for that meeting or important date. Is there anything more convenient than wondering what the time is, and simply looking down at your wrist and finding it right there? We are passionate about the merits of watches, and we think you should be too.

Looking to invest in a new watch but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, regardless of your budget, here is a wide range of watch inspiration to suit your needs:

Everything You Need to Know About Movoda Watches

If you only have room for one high-end watch in your watch collection, then it has to be Movoda. Although they are an American watchmaker, like all good watch companies, Movoda is a brand that has its origins in Switzerland.

The most popular Movoda watch is the museum watch, with prices for these models starting from upwards of $300. This is a simplistic and minimalist watch with a black face: you will immediately recognize a Movoda watch thanks to the signature metallic dot which sits right at the top of the watch, at twelve o’clock, and is considered to be the brand’s logo. It’s not big, it’s not flashy, but it’s the brand that all fashionistas are talking about right now.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

It may interest you to know that  Movado means “always in motion” in Esperanto: a fun fact to pull out when people are admiring your stylish new watch. Whilst a Movado watch isn’t as flashy or showy as other well-known watch brands (we’re looking at you, Rolex) it is a great statement piece for those in the know. It is a brand that has an understated fashion following, and will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

When you buy Movado, you are buying quality. They are a company renowned for their innovation, for their commitment to design, and for their craftsmanship. They take the art of watchmaking incredibly seriously, and it shows in every single watch that they create.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comOne of the best things about the Movado museum watch is that it goes with almost everything. Whether you’re looking for a watch to wear with your suit, with casual jeans and a t-shirt, or even when you work out, this is the perfect watch for you.

Although it doesn’t have the same high profile as other luxury watch brands, Movado still has a celebrity following. Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith are just two of the famous young things that have been spotted wearing a Movado watch. if you’re more interested in sports than celebrity then you may look to know that Derek Jeter is also a fan of the brand.

Love the Movado museum watch but simply don’t have the budget to invest and add it to your wardrobe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose between paying your rent and hitting the shops to look stylish. Here are some more affordable watch options to suit stylish guys on a budget:

The Classic Chronograph Watch

Looking for a watch that is a timeless classic? Something that has proven to stand the test of time, is perfect for elevating your formalwear and allows you to showcase your understated sense of style whenever you wear it? Then you need a chrome chronograph watch.

Chronograph watches are often favored by businessmen because they look great with a suit. But you should also have one in your collection to wear for dates, club nights with the boys, weddings, and other formal or semi-formal occasions.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

We love this Cuena chronograph watch, which features a zinc alloy case, a simple silver band, and a complimentary (but equally low-key) black face. It fastens in a classic buckle style, and a small flash of colour is added thanks to the red-tipped second hand. This is designed to attract attention (and admiring glances) when you’re wearing it. The good news is that, at $74.99, this watch isn’t going to break the bank either.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

David Beckham favors a silver chronograph watch, such as this one, and is a great example of just how versatile this watch can be.

The Affordable Multifunctional Watch

Looking for a versatile watch that you can wear with both smart and casual outfits, but on a tight budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! The minimalist 40mm watch from our own Royal Fashionist collection is just $29.99, meaning that it is attainable for everyone. But despite its low price, it looks incredibly expensive and its quality is amazingly high. In fact, the minimalist style of this watch means that we are often told it looks just like a Movoda watch.

We know that wearing a watch on your wrist is vital if you want to look good, which is why we work hard to create high-quality pieces at low prices.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |


The minimalist face of the watch is housed in a simplistic stainless steel case which has a clear lens and is completely devoid of any unnecessary detailing. This is streamlined, masculine beauty at its very best. This design is exceptionally lightweight and slim, which makes it a timeless choice for day-to-day wear. In fact, it’s so lightweight that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it.

Go For Gold With a Gold Watch

Want to make a real statement that will instantly turn heads? Then go for gold in a bold and eye-catching watch. Gold is a colour that immediately attracts attention. It never goes out of fashion, and it is entirely seasonless: no matter what the time of year, a gold watch will catch the sun and draw the eye.

Generally favoured by rappers such as Drake and Jay Z, the gold watch is attention seeking, flashy, and a symbol of wealth. It is favoured by men that like to wear their money on their wrist and draw attention to just how well they have done for themselves.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

The biggest, blingiest and most popular celebrity gold watch brand is Rolex. Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer which was first established in 1905. For more than a decade, these incredible watches have been hand made to the highest specifications, meaning that the Rolex name is synonymous with high-quality, luxury, and of course, expense. Frankly, buying a Rolex is a budget-blowing endeavor, with prices starting at around $7,000 and going up endlessly. You pay a premium to have such an instantly recognizable brand on your wrist!

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

But if you don’t lead the lifestyle (or have the budget) of the rich and famous then that doesn’t mean that owning a statement gold watch is out of your reach. We love this Armani Exchange black dial gold watch, which is available here for $94.99.

Unlike a Rolex, this watch isn’t constructed from 18-carat gold but rather from gold plated chrome. But it is just as stylish as many of the considerably more expensive alternatives! It features a large dial with both conventional and Arabic numerals plus two subdials. One shows the date and the other shows 24 hours. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters and even arrives beautifully boxed: who says you can’t get a quality, Rolex-challenging gold watch for under $100?

The Fun and Stylish Swatch Watch

Do you favor a more flamboyant style of dressing? Like to step away from the conventional? Then a retro-inspired Swatch watch may well be the perfect choice for you. These watches first look the limelight in the 1983 when they were created to appeal to young people who were attracted to digital watches. In recent years they have seen a revival, particularly amongst men looking for affordable quality and something that will stand out from the crowd.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen choosing a Swatch Watch, a good rule of thumb is that the brighter and more colourful the better! Although the brand do make classic black and brown watches, it is their vibrant models which are iconic, and have achieved cult status.

You might think that it’s colorful and casual style means that Swatch watches are best suited to pairing with casual outfits, but actually, they are also a great way to inject your personality and playful nature into your formalwear too. In fact, CEOs such as Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and AllianceBernstein CEO Peter Kraus both wear Swatch Watches. Former politicians Tony Blair and Francoise Holland both favour the brand too.

Top Men's Movado Watch and Other Affordable Watch Recommendations : Fashion |

So what Swatch should you choose? We love the Original, which features a silicone strap and coordinating colorful face. Costing just $42.50, you could opt for versions in a rainbow of colours, but if you’re choosing just one then why not choose red? Red is a powerful and attention-grabbing colour, but it also matches with almost everything. It’s the perfect choice.


If you only take one thing from this article, we hope it’s that you realize how important it is for stylish men to choose to wear a watch. An understated status symbol, the watch is the one piece of jewelry that every man can wear without feeling self-conscious. Practical, statement-making and a reflection of your personality, the watch you choose is important.

Choose a chronographic dress watch in sleek metallics if you’re looking for something classic and timeless that you can wear no matter what the occasion. Choose a gold watch if you want a big and flashy status symbol.

Opt for a minimalist black watch if you’re hoping to showcase your fashion credentials and want something that is both on-trend and understated. Or if you march to your own tune and like to have some colour in your life then a Swatch might be the perfect choice for you.

Whatever watch you choose, wear it every day and wear it with pride!

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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