Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers

The Converse sneaker is a shoe that almost every man already has in his closet, but aside from throwing them on with a baggy tee and their favourite jeans, many men simply don’t know how to wear them!

Luckily, we’re here to help you change all that! Because the Converse has the potential to be the most versatile shoe in your closet, and with some clever styling tips the reality is that there are very few occasions when they can’t be worn.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comConverse are beloved by celebrities, and have a particularly rock star edge thanks to the huge number of musicians that favour them. Bands such as The Artic Monkeys, Coldplay and The Libertines all wear converse as part of their core look.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.com

Converse are one of the most high profile and prolific sneaker brands available right now and, unlike many other high profile sneaker brands, they have been around for more than 100 years without ever needing to be fully redesigned. After all, why improve on perfection?

Beginning to be convinced that this is a sneaker you need in your closet? Well then let’s look closer at some of our favourite Converse styling tips, and just a few of the pairs we simply wouldn’t be able to live without:

Mad About Monochrome

If you’re looking for just one pair of sneakers that you can wear with every outfit then there is no better choice than a monochrome pair of black or white (or even black and white) sneakers.

The black and white trim on the rubber sole has been an integral part of the Converse sneaker for decades. This trim provides the perfect foil for almost any outfit, and adds a touch of formality that ensures they can be worn for (almost) any occasion.

Wear to the office with tan or beige chinos and a pale blue or crisp white shirt: the perfect casual but professional approach to dress down Friday. Alternatively, wear your black Converse with skinny or slim legged black jeans and your favourite soft cotton tee for casual weekend style.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comYou can even add a fitted button up shirt and a tailored blazer for a look that will make a great first impression for a date, or a Saturday night trip to the bar with your friends.

Struggling to decide whether white or black Converse will suit you best? A good rule of thumb is that black Converse are generally more formal, whilst crisp white Converse create a crisp and clean look that is better suited to day time occasions.

Everything Will Be All White

White Converse are classic, and by far our favourite sneakers! There is nothing better than a pair of crisp white Converse to carry you through the year and add a touch of style to every outfit.

Some people like to buy fresh white Converse and then muddy them up, but we prefer ours as white and crisp as possible! Choose high tops for a versatile year-round look (and added support when the weather turns cooler) and low tops for a fresh summer feel.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comIf you keep them clean then a white pair of Converse can look surprisingly smart. This is the perfect shoe for teaming with a smart casual look and new white Converse were made for showing off: why not turn up your trousers to show off your sneakers, or add a vibrant sock to inject a splash of colour to your outfit?

Emphasise the clean and white feel of your outfit by pairing your shoes with a coordinating white tee. There is nothing better than a crisp plain white tee, and you can inject a high fashion feel to your look by adding a fashion-forward jacket.

High quality basics make the perfect foil for a patterned jacket, or one in an unusual texture, which is why this is a look so often favoured by celebrities. It’s unfussy and easy to wear, but it makes a big impact!

White Converse also make an ideal transition shoe: you can wear them from the office to a night out afterwards. But don’t forget the importance of subtle accessorising. Take a simple beanie, a pair of designer sunglasses, or a plain black or high shine gold watch to heighten your look just that little bit more.

Add a Sporty Edge 

Although Converse are most commonly worn with jeans, let’s not forget that fundamentally they are sneakers, so they can and should also be worn with sportswear.

This is something that Justin Bieber does with applomb. Although he rarely wins awards for his style (and nor should he!) when it comes to wearing casual sportswear during their down time, no one can compete with his commitment to comfort.

So it stands to reason that he would choose to wear ultra-comfortable Converse:

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comSports luxe is an incredibly popular fashion trend for 2018: It is the perfect way to inject comfort and style into your wardrobe whilst maintaining a high fashion edge. To nail this trend, look for pieces with sporty detailing (such as neon zips or go-faster stripes) and classic tailoring constructed from sporty material.

Tailored pants in grey marl jersey are a great example of this trend in practice, and they would look fantastic paired with a simple fitted black tee, a coordinating black leather jacket or bomber jacket, and of course a colour injection from a pair of vibrant Converse sneakers.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comBecause converse are a relatively slim fitting sneaker, they look best paired with slim fitting pants. Team them with your favourite skinny jeans and then add an oversized sport-syle sweatshirt or hooded top to create a sports inspired balance to your outfit.

If you prefer to show off your gym honed physique then you can still create this balance without covering up your biceps. Tine a jersey or fine knit sweater around your waist to create a fun and unusual silhouette, whilst still showing off your bod.

Prefer to wear a roomier or looser pant that is less restrictive on your thighs and calves? That’s OK, it’s still possible to create a good level of balance by wearing slim fitting Converse with a pair of slouchy work-style jeans and a skin tight tee.

Add a baseball cap or a sporty watch to enjoy the sports luxe aspect of your outfit remains obvious.

How to Wear High Tops

Want to wear high tops but not sure how best to wear them? It’s true that high tops are much more tricky to wear than low tops, but they also look much more fashion-forward. So don’t be afraid to try them out!

One of the best ways to show off your high tops is to roll up your trousers. This will show off the top of you shoes, making them the focal point of your outfit.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comYou can either buy ankle grazing trousers that have already been turned or rolled up for you, or you can add the roll yourself. If you do choose to DIY this then don’t add a roll that is too high or too wide. Try to keep things low key and tasteful with this detail.

If you’re going to roll up your trousers to show off your high top converse then it’s important to keep them in as good condition as possible. Noone wants to show off scruffy and dirty sneakers, and they really aren’t a great focal point for any outfit!

Top Tips For Cleaning Your Converse 

Most Converse are made of canvas, which can be a very tricky fabric to keep clean. The best way to keep your sneakers clean is to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place, by adding shoe protecting products to the shoes before you wear them in the first place. Particularly at this time of year!

Want to keep your converse as clean as possible at all times? Follow these simple tips:

  • Mix a scoop of laundry powder with some warm water in your sink or a large bowl (if you’re cleaning several pairs at once you could even use the bath tub!)
  • Take a scrubbing brush and use the warm water to remove as much of the dirt and debris from the sneakers as possible
  • Remove the excess soap from the sneakers by wiping them vigorously with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Want to remove as many stains as possible from a pair of bright white converse? use a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any stubborn stains, rubbing in a small circular motion.
  • Wipe over the sneakers with a clean cloth and water to remove any residue of cleaning product, and to ensure they are as clean as possible, before leaving the shoes somewhere light and well ventilated to air dry.

If you have already worn and dirtied your sneakesr and your in a rush then their is a fast cheat: place your Converse in a pillow case and throw them in the washing machine at a low temperature!

Leave them to dry naturally though, as the high heats of your dryer could warp the fabric and melt the glue that holds the sole in place. Don’t do this too often though, as the temperatures involved in machine washing your converse could quickly damage them.

Red Alert

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of choosing black and white converse, but of course Converse are available in a whole rainbow of colours and patterns. In fact, it’s impossible to think of a colour that you can’t buy your Converse in!

Whilst some colours and patterns will certainly take boldness and a high level of self-confidence to pull off, if you want to inject some vibrancy into your outfit whilst still choosing shoes that are classic and versatile then the red Converse is the perfect choice.
Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comRed Converse are perfect for drawing attention to your feet and will immediately show that you have a fashion-focus when choosing what to wear.

Wearing red Converse is very different from wearing black or white converse, because it is important to avoid pairing them with dark, black or monochromatic outfits which will have overtones of those faux-goth rockers from the 90s. Not a good look!

Instead pair your red converse with blue jeans or, if you’re looking to move away from denim, navy chinos. We also love to see red Converse with complimentary colours such as green, coordinating red and even cobalt blue.

Wondering what neutral bases you should choose if you want to invest in red Converse? Look for soft brown, tan, and other autumnal neutrals: these rich and universal shades will make the ideal base tone for your outfit and will make the red of your sneakers really pop.

Avoid Kooky Patterns

Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean that you should! As we have already mentioned, Converse come in a wide range of different patterns and designs: from your favourite cartoon characters (such as Peanuts and Minions) to your favourite fast food stuffs (such as pizza and cheese burgers).

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comThese designs are certainly fun and, if you have a larger than life personality, you might be tempted to let your footwear reflect this. But in reality, there is nothing fashion forward or funny about wearing comedy shoes.

Our advice? Avoid these kooky patterned converse like the plague, particularly if you wana versatile pair of shoes that you can wear for a wide range of different occasions. Look at them, smile, and then move on and buy something more practical!

Converse and Shorts?

It may still be cold and dreary outside, but in the fashion industry the depths of winter are the perfect time to start thinking about your summer look. Which leads us to an important question many men ask when spring arrives: can you wear Converse with shorts?

The simple answer is yes, but you do have to follow a few simple rules. Wearing your low tops with shorts is fairly straight forward if you:

-Opt for shoe liners instead of socks (there is nothing more unattractive than low shoes and shorts paired with socks).

-Wear light Converse with dark shorts, or dark Converse with light shorts. The contrast created between the light and dark shades will create a perfect sense of balance to your outfit.

-Choose a tee that links to the colour of your Converse. Because most Converse have a white sole, a slim-fitting white tee is the perfect choice that will match any pair!
Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.com

-High tops with shorts may not seem like an obvious combination, but with the right accessories you can certainly pull this look off with panache too. Use summer accessories (such as hats and sunglasses) to make these seem lighter and more seasonally appropriate.

-Choose layers. Wearing an open shirt over your tee will create a smarter and slightly more formal look, making your shorts and converse combination  much more versatile.

Ways to Wear: Converse Sneakers : Footwear | https://www.royalfashionist.comConclusion

If you don’t already have a pair of Converse in your closet then we definitely recommend that you pick up a pair now! It doesn’t matter what your sense of style is, or what pieces you currently have in your wardrobe, there is a way to wear Converse for everyone!

There are so many benefits of owning these versatile shoes, not least because they can be worn with everything.

Because Converse are so inexpensive, there is no reason not to own a couple of pairs to ensure that you have the right sneaker for every occasion. I have a white pair of high tops, a black pair of low tops, and a pair of pink low tops in my closet and I keep thinking about adding more. They are my go-to shoe at the weekends, and I regularly wear them on weekdays too.

Why not dig out your Converse and start experimenting with new ways to wear them this weekend? Play around with different outfits, colours, and styles and see what works for you. What have you got to lose!


Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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