This past month I made a commitment to try to grow my baby face beard. I am not the guy with a full beard so I wanted to try it out and see how it would look. Well, it has been tough because it is itching like crazy and I can’t help but to touch it and scratch it all the time.

I basically get so stressed out with the itching that I start to pull some hair off with my bear hand, but it just gets worse because it grows from the root again, causing even worse itching. See why:

Itching Causes

Beard hairs under a scanning electron microscope: razor (left) versus electric shaver (right)

What causes an itchy beard is the fact that you shave and the more you shave, the thicker you hair gets. Plus when you shave, you leave a sharp edge of the hair and some of the hair gets stuck inside the follicle, making it itch when it grows out.

Have you noticed when you have just finished shaving and you pass your hand over your beard and a small hair pricks your finger? That’s how sharp it gets… and it goes so deep inside the skin that its hard to take it out.


0_0_0_0_250_267_csupload_46538157I have been reading and reading about how to avoid the itching but that’s kind of impossible to avoid. That’s why the full beard is for grown men.

Even though there is not a single way to make it not itch at all, there are single methods to help it less itchy and even help your beard grown stronger.

Wash Your Face

I personally like to use the Clarisonic as it just will do a better job than your hand and will lift more hair while scrubbing it. Also as you may know, one of the causes of the itching is the dead cells shed by your face; but your beard, just like a lot of other things, holds on to those dead cells causing the itching.

To use with the Clarisonic you will need a face wash product, but if you don’t have a Clarisonic yet, you can just buy a exfoliator to get rid of those dead skin cells. See my favorite facial washing products here.

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Just like washing your face, maintaining it will also help you to grow a nice beard. Let’s take by example;

Have you seen any grass grow beautifully without the owner take care of the soil?

your beard acts the same way. You might not see the skin because the beard is covering it, but your facial skin can get very dry. That will make it itch more and affect how your facial hair grows.

When you are done washing the dead skin from your face, those products will also take some of the skin’s essential oils, so its very important that you use a beard oil and a facial moisturizer as well.

I always wash my face first thing in the morning and before going to sleep. In the morning after washing my face, I use a daily facial moisturizer with SPF 50 and at night a anti aging cream ( see my grooming routine ). Plus if you are having a problem with ingrown hair, you can use the Ingrown Hair Treatment product by Anthony.

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Once again, the itching will most likely occur in the early stages of growing a beard because the hair is trying to come out through the follicles.

Even though these tricks will help you contain most of the itching, you will still feel some of the itching. No matter what you do, don’t try to pull the hair out or shave it off, because you will regret it. First, because it will grow again and continue to itch, second because you will have to start all over again :/.

Let me know if this will help you and share another option that you would like to add to this.

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