The Best Ever Men’s Wedding Guest Outfit For Different Scenarios

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married today and so is a bunch of other people because summer is definitely the main wedding season.

How many of you already received several wedding invitations and are dreading having to think about the wedding attire?  It’s such a pain especially if you are actually in the wedding.

You end up spending a lot of money for something that you are not even keeping after the wedding.  To make it simple for you guys I am going to show you some basics on dressing for a wedding .  Stick to this and you will be the best dressed wedding guest.

First of all you need to know the wedding theme.  That is the one key thing in order to figure out how you are going to dress.  The top three common themes include beach wedding, outside wedding (such as garden, vineyard, etc) and traditional ball wedding.

Beach Wedding:

If you are attending a beach wedding it usually tends to be more casual and the guests even get to go barefoot and wear shorts if you want.

Go for a simple blazer and chinos or even a blazer, shirt and shorts.  Go for the light colors like a tan, gray or blue and try to go for linen.

As for the shirt, a white shirt or light pink, light blue or light yellow will go really well here.  I you want to look more fashionable then add color in the tie or maybe wear a nice beach style hat.

As far as shoes, you can choose to go barefoot, wear sandals or maybe moccasins. If you want to show some style, wear your espadrilles !

The Best Ever Men's Wedding Guest Outfit For Different Scenarios : Fashion |

Outside Garden/Vineyard/Backyard Wedding:

Outside weddings tend to usually be in the daytime and some times goes into the night so try to wear lighter colors here too.

A light suit again in the tan or light grey colors, a nice tie with a pop of color (pink and yellow will do), a pocket square and some nice dress shoes is what you need.

You can always use white shirt underneath the suit and use color in the accessories.

The Best Ever Men's Wedding Guest Outfit For Different Scenarios : Fashion |

Traditional Wedding:

For a dressed up look go for the tux with a bow tie, dress shoes, and cufflinks; stick to the black tux with the white shirt to be on the safe side.

If you don’t want or don’t feel you need to wear a tux then go for a nice dark colored suit. Here you could go for black, navy, charcoal and even striped two-piece suit with a colored shirt and a nice tie.

And of course don’t forget to wear nice shoes and a pocket square as the accessories always make the outfit.

An advice I always give is to never rent your wedding outfit.

When you rent you usually spend at least $200 and with that amount of money you can sure buy yourself a nice suit like the one I blogged about from COMBATGENT.

Use this money to invest in something nice that you are going to be able to wear again.

The Best Ever Men's Wedding Guest Outfit For Different Scenarios : Fashion |

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