Couple months ago the model Chris Millington shared on his twitter account that the long/full beard was dead. Not exactly dead, but it was changing for sure.

Chris Millington is one of the main inspirations for hipster and beard lovers. He decided that the bearded hipster look was not long a trend and decided to take another path toward his beard style; It can be very tough to see your hero leaving the battle.

Just so you can understand how big was the full beard trend;

[quote_center]The full beard trend was so powerful that even the sale of razors dropped by 3.4% in 2014.[/quote_center]

Companies even changed their sale strategy and started focusing more and more on beard treatment like beard oils, shampoo, conditioner, etc. I have never seen so many beard products before. Some dude’s beard looks better than Mariano Divaio’s hair.

Men's Style Blog (@royalfashionist) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-06-09 15-56-52

Apparently Chris Millington didn’t give up his beard entirely but were actually adhering to a new trend called #beardstache.

The beardstache looks similar to the mustache you have already seen but now instead of having everything else shaved, you keep a medium size beard to create a nice background.

Chris John Millington (@chrisjohnmillington) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-06-09 16-09-36

Another guy that seem to have started following the new trend is the actor of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan. It is not certain if he is preparing for a new movie role or just following the #beardstache trend , but for sure his ginger ‘tache’ is looking good.

Jamie Dornan (@jamiedornan) • Instagram photos and videos 2015-06-09 16-26-14

How to make a clean #Beardstache:

For sure if you have a shaved face you will need to wait quite sometime until you have a decent facial hair. If you are ready there, then follow these steps:

  • First you have to trim the whole beard; but not the mustache
  • The mustache needs to be a little longer but make sure you are trimming it with a beard scissor.
  • Make sure you are using the beard wash to make it clean and the bear oil for the shine afterwards.
  • Why not brush that mustache?

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What is the reason of all these trends and new styles that changes every couple months?

I believe that people want to find their group and where they fit in. Also look different; so the more specific they are with their style, the easiest it will be to find their ‘tribe’.

Also I believe that just like with technology, people get bored with everything really fast. What used to be a ‘trend’ for a year in the past, nowadays it will be for couple weeks or few months if most. It is how the society works and we need to keep it up with it.

So do you like the beardstache?

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