This Years Trends at Men’s London Fashion Week 2016

This year designers and models were serving looks straight out of Zoolander. Whether it was Magnum, Le Tigre, or Blue Steel, everyone was bold and made a statement.

From animal graphics to opulent furs, and even blanket accessories, Men’s London Fashion Week 2016 was not for the faint-hearted. Here are the Fall 2016 styles that packed a major punch on the runway.

Animal Instinct: Styles (J.W. Anderson, Alexander McQueen, Katie Eary)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comAnimal prints are no longer just for the Jersey Shore. This year designers injected graphics from unusual animal species into their assortments.

From bug-eyed gold fish, to snails, and moth-like butterflies, each print was placed precisely on every garment to create an in-depth detail and in some cases an overall pattern, seen in Alexander McQueen’s collection. This application helps give each piece a bit of life and character.

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comHow To Wear: When wearing an animal graphic, it’s best to be subtle with your other clothing options. Because a print can come off quite powerful, you want the graphic to be the showcase of your outfit.

Be sure to keep the rest of your attire simple and clean. Be sure to pull colors from the graphic and inject it into your accompanying clothing pieces, like your pants, belt or shoes.

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion |

Diva Fur: Styles (Burberry, Katie Eary, Coach)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comOver the top furs are no longer just for Aretha Franklin and Maria Carey. I apologize in advance to PETA, but Men’s furs are a major trend seen in the Men’s Fall 2016 runway. Modernized with an athletic / causal twist, furs are no longer for only special occasions.

Designers have paired these over the top luxurious coats with track jackets, leather pants, denim and even sneakers. This is casual class at its very best!

How To Wear: Furs are no longer for black-tie occasions. If the weather permits, throw on a fur coat with a pair of jogger pants or black denim.

Put on your sneakers and head out the door. Modernize your look by implementing a few casual / everyday pieces into your outfit.

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion |

Sherpa Shepard: Styles (Coach, Tiger Of Sweden, Casely-Hayford)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThese coats have always been a staple piece in the Men’s Fall runway lineup. Though this year we have seen a new take on the collar.

From tuxedo to scarf-like shapes, the sherpa collar is now becoming more noticeable on the garment. Making a bigger and bolder statement, the sherpa collar has grown from a minor detail to a bold impact.

This fluffy yet wooly texture is perfect for the winter season and makes for a classic investment piece.

How To Wear: Sherpa collar jackets are probably the easiest piece to style with an outfit. This jacket is easily parable with formal or casual attire.

Best worn with a plain white tee shirt and some medium washed denim, this jacket is sure to be an excellent go-to choice for adventuring outdoors.

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion |

Waist Cincher: Styles (MAN, Lou Dalton, Matthew Miller)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comAndrogyny has become more and more popular in clothing design. Garments no longer have a sex. Men and Women’s fashions are starting to blur seamlessly together.

This year cinched high-waist belts were seen in many designer collections. Giving off a slight hourglass illusion, this styling detail is becoming more noticeable for men. Is this a trend that is here to stay? Only time will tell.

How To Wear: This style can easily be worn with a classic trench coat or smoking jacket. For a more full shaped look that will add a bit of dimension, simply belt and knot the fabric at your mid-waist.

Keep in mind not to make your belt too tight, after all you need some room to breathe.

So Hood: Styles (Christopher Shannon, Craig Green, Agi & Sam)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comKeeping to a mysterious / anonymous approach, designers are starting to showcase many of their pieces with attached hoods.

Generally covering a majority of the head and face, hooded attire is one trend that is on the rise when it comes to styling an outfit.

Seen on many runways this season, hooded jackets are best worn with the hood up. This style is great for rainy days.

How To Wear: Bad hair day? The perfect solution is to opt for a hooded jacket. Be sure when looking for this garment to try on the hood, and not just the jacket.

Make sure the hood fits your head properly and isn’t too big or small. This jacket is best worn with casual or athletic attire.

The In-vested: Styles (Alexander McQueen Pringle Of Scotland, J.W. Anderson)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comInvested in vests for Fall 2016. Long length vests are now making an impact in menswear. Designers are starting to infuse vest-like jackets into their collections.

The traditional men’s vest length falls just below the waistline. This season designers have seemed to OD on fabric and, as a result, extended the traditional vest length, now having it fall just below the knee.

How To Wear: This piece of clothing is great for wearing out. Whether it’s to the bar or a concert, pair a vest with some dark washed denim and a simple button up or tee shirt and you are good to go.

If you feel like layering, throw on a bomber or leather jacket to complete the look.

Satin Sheen: Styles (Topman, J.W. Anderson, MAN)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comNo longer just for intimate slips, satin blend fabrics are starting to become more of a staple piece among men’s wardrobe selections.

This fabric dresses up a rather simple / casual clothing pattern. From robe-like trenches to classic long-sleeved tops, satin blend fabrics give off a liquid-like luxury feel and are starting to become a go-to fabric choice for designers.

How To Wear: If you lean more on the causal side, this is a great and easy way to give your look a more dressed up feel.

Satin blend fabric shirts can be easily paired with some denim and a pair of plain-colored sneakers. This fabric will give a luxurious texture to your outfit.

Geometric Bold: Styles (KTZ, Christopher Raeburn, Agi & Sam)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comSubtlety is a thing of the past. This season designers have injected bold, geometric shapes and patterns into their designs.

With the motto of “Go big! Or go home.”, bolder is better. With shapes dyed in neutral, yet contrasting colors, this increases visibility of the geometric pattern, making an impactful statement to each garment.

How To Wear: When it comes to wearing a bold pattern, be sure to keep the rest of your wardrobe plain. If you have too many contrasting colors or patterns your look will become too busy, resulting in a headache and eyesore.

Crayola Denim: Styles (Christopher Kane, Moschino, James Long)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comMainly available in different washes, men’s denim has become more intricate with color selection.

Designers this year showcased denim in an assortment of playful patterns and dynamic / contrasting colors. From bright linear patterns, to powdered color washes, and even tie-dye finishes, this year designers introduced a new twist on a classic staple piece.

How To Wear: With denim washes becoming more intricate, this wardrobe classic is now becoming more of a statement piece.

If you have some crazy colored denim, be sure to keep your top and jacket simple and neutral. Try to stick to one color that best compliments your denim design.

Blanket Innovation: Styles (Sibling, Oliver Spencer, KTZ)

This Years Trends at Men's London Fashion Week 2016 : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comOddly enough, who would have predicted blankets on the runway? From an accessory piece to a clothing option, the blanket is no longer just for snuggling.

Seen being worn by many male models, the traditional blanket is starting to become a popular go-to jacket. This could be a message that men can now start getting in touch with their softer side.

How To Wear: Who would have thought to wear a blanket? Well if you wish to seek comfort, throw a blanket over your shoulders, wrap it around your neck like a scarf or even drape it over your outfit.

Monograms always add an extra touch of character to this household staple. Blanket inspired jackets are now giving a whole new meaning to the term “lounge wear”.

Last Comment

From the runway into your closet, men’s fashions for Fall 2016 took on a bold attitude with soft finishes.

The intermixing of popular women’s clothing patterns and fabric choices into the male wardrobe has made for an androgynous aesthetic.

With the selection of satin blend fabrics, to high-waist cinch accessorizing and long-vested patterns, garment pieces are starting to become more of a neutral between the sexes.

The strict gender specific guidelines are starting to diminish and become a thing of the past or, as they would say in fashion, “so last season.”

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