Your Summer Guide For Men’s Cool Swim Trunks (Muscle Legs Friendly)

You may think that men usually fail on daily outfits but that when it comes to a beach/pool look they can pull off easily, right? Wrong.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been on a trip and saw guys wearing terrible swimwear, especially ones that doesn’t do good for their body shapes.

Yes, just as you choose an outfit that would fit better on your body, you should do the same with your swim wear.

Your Summer Guide For Men's Cool Swim Trunks (Muscle Legs Friendly) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comAvoid This: No matter what you do, you should never wear board shorts to the pool. Board shorts are made for surfing and surfers, so if you aren’t one, please avoid it.

Even if you don’t have strong legs, there is always an alternative to help you look your best.

Defining Your Body Type

First of all, you need to figure out your body type and realize that if you have gained some extra pounds, you will need to find the best swim trunk for your new body. Not all swim trunks will look good on everyone.

Tall Men: If you are a tall guy, you don’t want to wear a swim trunk that it is too short, because you may look like you wanted to wear Speedos but didn’t quite make it.  Speedos are not a good idea unless you are at a beach in Rio de Janeiro.

If you have longer legs, you need to find swim trunks that have a longer length, especially if you have thicker legs.

Big Men: Choose swim trunks that are a little “baggier” but also not oversize. If your mid section is wider than your hip, and you wear a tight swim trunk, it might look a little weird.

Also even if you have perfect big rounded butt and thick legs, you still don’t want to wear a tight swim trunk.

Skinny Men: Swim trunks for skinny men are a little easier. I would say the only thing to remember is that, if you have thin thighs, go for a swim trunk that is a little longer and in no way wear a baggy trunk, because it will make your legs look thinner.

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